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The information and experience needed to know when the Korean tourism

Updated on August 14, 2016

Tourism in Korea: Korean tourist should be self-sufficient or tour?

But that, in recent years, the Korean Government has eased travel policies, but to travel to North Korea convenience, safety and fun, you still have to accept some mandatory rules. In it, the first rule is you must travel by tour without the invitation of the Korean Government, tourists are not allowed entry to self-sufficiency in Korea (tourist visa is not accepted). If you go alone, they must have at least 2 of the Korean tourist guides, and of course the tour price alone will be more expensive than tour groups.

Currently, in Vietnam does not yet have any travel company that organizes tours to Korea, which is often associated with a number of travel companies of China, uk or Sweden to open the Chinese tour of/uk/Sweden-Korea. Near to us, held most of the Korean tour, especially the friendship and relationship of the natural border with Korea tourism companies in China is the choice for discerning guests who want to explore the Vietnam, Korean tour.

Therefore, according to the experience and know-how of the Korean tourist advantages, safe and fun then you should contact a travel company and asked them Vietnam tour link Chinese-Koreans or not or can contact directly with a number of companies specialize in organizing prestigious Korean tour after tour to :

Koryo Tours and Koryo Group ( offices in Beijing, Shanghai (China), Belgium, United Kingdom.
Korea Konsult ( offices in Stockholm, Sweden.
Young Pioneer Tours (
Juche Travel Services ( offices in the UK, Beijing (China).
The Korean tour in 2-4 days there prices range from 500-800 Euro (about 15-22 million USD). The tour price depends on your selected travel companies, tour schedule and attractions.

Should Korean tourist on the most appropriate time?

You can travel to Korea on any time of year. However, according to experience, the Korean travel guide fun then you should choose one of the special holidays in Korea to book tour. Part of the tour is going more, cheaper and you also get to witness the festivities, culture, life and general festivities draw with the Koreans.

The best time to travel to Korea cheap and fun you can choose:

Kim Il-Sung's birthday: 15/4.
International Labor Day: 1/5.
Liberation Day (Korea's Liberation Day): 15/8.
Mid-Autumn Festival: 15/8 (lunar calendar).
National day of the Democratic Republic of Korea: 9/9.
The founding of the workers party of Korea: 10/10.
How to enter/exit at North Korea convenience, easy and safe?

Korean tourist visa will travel by the company that you sign up for tour preparation to help you, you only need to provide enough papers that they claim to be. According to the experience of the Korean tourist visa facilitation, quickly and easily, you should provide the profile of the Korean tourist visa for travel companies as soon as possible, as late as 8 days before departure.

One of the things that makes many tourists miss most when the Korean tourism Korea tourist visa is not stamped in passports which are issued separately on a sheet of paper, and the paper that will be recorded when you leave the country. In addition to visa, you also need ticket in/out in Korea, this ticket will also travel by the company responsible for the purchase.

Transport and to facilitate the safe, when the Korean tourism
Transport and to facilitate the safe, when the Korean tourism
Korean tourist routes by road will start from Dandong (China) and the travel company will also welcome you here. To get to the Dandong from Vietnam, according to the travel experience tour China-Korea you should follow the route: Saigon/Hanoi-Shanghai-Shenyang. From Shenyang, you ride the bus to Dandong, here you will move to the front of the station Means of Korea to take the train to the capital Pyongyang.

If you travel to Korea by air then just fly directly to Beijing or Shenyang, and then to Pyongyang airport by Air Koryo.

Transport and guide how to move in Korea

Once you've set foot in Korea, the selection of vehicles and visit Korea favorably and quickly is also a problem of headache, especially with the Korean tourist visitors.


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