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The power of a pifco handheld steam cleaner. A review

Updated on October 15, 2013

Our new steam cleaner.

A brief history of steam.

Steam has been used for over 2000 years and became used in industries in the 1700's. Volcanoes produce steam naturally and was first used in the mining industry and as since moved onto other applications ,steam irons steam cookers, and steam cleaners.

There are two different types of steam cleaner.

Wet steam cleaner/ pressure washer These types of cleaners use hot water to assist the pressure of the water used.

Dry steam cleaner. These cleaners convert the water to steam, is far hotter and is used in areas where sanitizing or deep cleaning is required ie; healthcare and food industries to name just a couple. It is interesting to know that steam is ecologically sound, the cheapest pest control which is of particular benefit when used to clean carpets, beds, and flooring in homes where asthma and allergy sufferers live.

Mites, bed bugs and fleas perish in temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius.

Our handheld steamer.

We already own a steam cleaner but, it was a a large one used for floor cleaning. It had all the attachments but was awkward to handle when cleaning the cooker hob, fridge worktops etc.

We didn't do any in depth research and went for a Pifco 29002. The reasons for this being that the company has been in business since 1900 also, the price was reasonable and was looked light enough and came with all the attachments, brush, window cleaning, mop attachments and more.What we also realized after purchased was that if you registered at there site your cleaner would carry a 3 year guarantee

Getting ready.

Warning! The metal parts of all steam cleaners become hot when used so avoid touching them during use and as the operating pressure is so high water cap and attachments may become pressurized so do not remove until steamer has cooled down.

We have cleaned the floors, fridge,oven, hob and even cleaned and cleared the excess ice whilst defrosting the freezer so where was I to put it to the test? One of the worst areas to keep clean is the bath area especially as we have two sons who both play rugby union and at this time of the year come in from training with more mud on them than an happy hippo and just head straight to the bathroom. They shower themselves clean - forgetting to clean the bath walls after themselves and no matter how much you wipe down there is still a residue that builds up.

The steamer has a 3 metre long power cord so the is easy to use in places without an immediate power supply. I fitted the scrubbing brush and extension attachments to the steamer,filled up the 350ml water tank using the jug and funnel which is supplied in the kit.

ready to go!

Getting clean.

The light weight of the handheld steamer is notable when you pick it up which makes it easier and more maneuverable to use. It took just a few minutes for the steamer to get to operating temperature. This is indicated by an indicator light situated on the side which goes out when the operating temperature is reached. Pressing the operating button unleashes the 30g/min of steam as you brush along the grout lines between the tiles. Each tank of water lasts approximately 15 minutes and due to the build up took 3 tank fulls of water to complete the operation. Working fom top to bottom is the best method as any steam and residue runs down the wall pre- soaking the lower wall.

After finishing all that was required was rinsing down and buffing up with a soft cloth.



Overall thoughts.

Using a handheld steamer is easy and due to its size can be kept within the kitchen where you would probably use it most. Most cleaning jobs would probably take no longer than 15 minutes to complete so for the most one full tank would probably be enough to clean worktops,hob, sink and taps.

I have never used a steamer to clean windows but from what I understand unless great care is taken the heat could cause the glass to shatter.

I think the handheld steamer is a great addition to the house cleaning cupboard.

Some of the handheld steamers we looked at.

Feel free to complete my poll.

Do you own a handheld steamer?

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    • badgeroo profile image

      paul badger 4 years ago from Worcester, England

      Thanks for that!

    • Novel Treasure profile image

      Novel Treasure 4 years ago from US

      I really appreciated the personal before and after pictures. So many times when you read reviews of products, you don't trust the review because they don't show proof. Good job. Voted Up!