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The special Care The Curtain Rods Deserve as a Thing of Beauty and Utility

Updated on April 26, 2013

All these days curtains, curtain rings, curtain rods and other curtain accessories were considered as just simple functionaries deserving little care. But those days have now vanished as history as the norms and notions regarding interior decorations had drastically undergone changes. Curtain rods are no more considered just as silly rods or devices to hang the curtains. They are made with immense care so that they are always in pace with the ever changing style and fashion trend of the users. If correctly chosen they can highlight the diction of the room as well as the texture of the curtains. They are mandatory for hanging any kind of curtains and what harm is there if they can add to the charm of the room also, is it not a double boon? The astonishing variety of curtain rods itself is a genuine proof to show how much importance is given to curtain rods.

The traditional wooden Curtain rods are now presented with intricate workmanship handmade or machine made. They are made to glaze with prefect finish either by polishing or painting with varnish or wood colours. Undoubtedly such curtain rods can very easily bring back the Victorian glory into our modern times. No one now needs simple metal curtain rods just made to meet their purpose of hanging the curtains. All kind of metals are now lavishly used to make eye catching curtain rods in contemporary and classic style. Chrome, brushed chrome, the timeless brass and stainless steel and even brass with graphite all are very innovatively rolled into lovely pieces of curtain rods. All these curtain rods are excellent not only in their appearance but sturdy enough to carry for years any heavy weighted curtains. As many of curtain cloths used recently are of immense weight the curtain rods are also made strong enough to shoulder this burden for years. Generally while construing a new house or modifying an old one the last thing we design, purchase and fix is curtains and their curtain rods. So they have to be treated as the icing on a well baked cake, the last finishing touch to make the total effect perfect and matchless.

The most integral part of curtain rods are their finials, they are the decorative parts of curtain rods. They come fixed at the both sides of curtain rods and can be defined as the deciding attribute of the style of the curtain rods. Once you fix the length and stuff of your curtain rod you can choose the finials from the vast array displayed in the shops or online in tune with the other major decorative items in your room. From any related shop you can get made to order custom rods with your choice of finials and brackets to get them installed. For ultra-modern set ups in your house you can opt for magnetic curtain rods which will undoubtedly give a magical effect to the total appeal of the room.

Before choosing the curtain rods or curtain cloths you have to approach the providers with a clear mind regarding the size, style, colour and the price you can afford. Curtain rods are no more just those same old silly rods they can contribute amazingly as a work of art and as the device most useful to hang your favourite curtains intact and in style.


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