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The story of a garden I

Updated on June 25, 2014

I moved in this house 10 years ago and somehow the garden never recieved enough attention. The main reason is its small size and poor distribution. Instead of a medium sized garden I have 3 garden patches arround the house.

The front yard was always used as a junk yard, yeah I know exactly in front of the house instead of roses, you can see items stored, perfect place.

Last year I gathered some of the bricks laying in the yard and started layering them with the purpose of creating a multy level garden. Unfortunately the winter came and soon the snow covered my project.

Aftr the weather warmed up a bit, the unfinished wall surfaced again. Since there were plenty of rocks on this abandoned peace of land, I gathered and used them to build the first part of my project.

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Building the wall

I love this project because it doesn't require masonery skills.

You will need two bars of steel that will be hammered in to the ground to keep the wall in position. Bricks or stones and ofcourse the cement. Prepare the cement after the recipe written on the bag.

And now the fun part, start laying the stones. Since I used leftovers from other construction projects I had to partially cover part of them with cement just to make my wall get a decent look.

Once the wall is done I just filled the gap with dirt, put some seed in and the ground. As you can see the wall of my neighbor's house isn't the best focal point of the garden so I decided to plant some wisteria and short bushes to cover it.

On the right you can see my fiasco front garden after the wall was done and the rest of the ground cleaned.

My friend saw it some time back and all he can say was "It has potential".

In the search of that amazing potential I decided to give it some structure, something to focus on while looking at that narrow garden and it's wobbly left wall.

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The path

Yes the future garden was missing the path, so I decided to connect the other peace of path that of course isn't properly finished, why would it be? If this was an easy project it would have been done for ages.

Since the patch of garden is so straight and the other peace of path is so close to the house, I decided to make it more visually attractive, as you can see instead of the regular straight path I gave it a small curve.

For this part of the project you will need some peaces of wood to build the shuttering and something to keep it in place. For this I used some stripes of ceramic tile that I stuck in the ground next to the wood. For this purpose you can use rocks or any other heavy object to keep it in place while you pour the concrete.

Again you will have to make some concrete and prepare some rocks to make your path sturdy. To tell you the truth straight surfaces never have been my forte so, in order to disguise this problem I spread rocks of different shapes and sizes on the path. For this purpose instead of randomly putting rocks, I created a pattern to make it more visually attractive.

Took am about 5 days because I poured it in 3 different days, after you pour the concrete, you will have to leave it set for a day. If the weather is too hot, it will require to be watered hourly to prevent it from drying too quickly and to prevent cracks from appearing.

Yes my path has the central segment whiter, it wasn't my intention but I ran out of concrete and used another mix for leveling floors that prooved to be a bad ideea since it took 4 days to completely dry and harden.

As you can see my plants started growing, yes the one on the left looks rather dead, that is my poor lavander that was in a pot and nobody remembered to water. Hopefully it will get green again.

Soon to come the stone bench and Some more plants.


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