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The story of a garden II

Updated on July 30, 2014

After finishing the layering of the garden and the rocky road in the first part of the story, the bench and some landscaping stood in my way to finishing the project.

I had an idea of what I wanted the bench to look like, I even decided it will be made of stone and wood, went on a scavenger hunt and even found the stones, but something wasn't right. I was unable to imagine how am I going to lay the stones so they will not end up in a concrete meltdown mess. How will the wood stay nailed in the rocky base.

Yeah I know, as I write all those issues they all seem stupid now, but those were real concerns. Luckily I stopped worrying each detail and step by step I solved all the problems.

Stone garden bench

For this project you will need stones of various sizes and shapes, as flat as possible; cement; two steel bars to anchor the bench to a wall; wood and paint.

Although my methods are a bit excessive when it comes to building, I can tell you for sure, none of my projects ever colapsed, so give it a chance and continue reading.

I started by picking a nice spot for my bench to be, next I dug two ditches as foundation for the bench.(I know this is a bench not a house yet I felt the need to give it a foundation)

I also drilled two holes in to the fence to anchor it, again, this made me feel safer and as long as I can sleep better at night, I will keep treating my bench as a house.

When layering the stones I did my best to keep the thickness of each feet as even as possible although the temptation was to transform them in pyramids. Also kept them as leveled as possible by adding smaller rocks to compensate for the uneven surface of the bigger rocks.

* I planted a lavender plant about the same time I finished the path and it died despite my repeated trials to save it.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

On the last layer of stone I added some cement and over it a peace of rectangular wood, imbeddin one in each leg of the bench.( I lost the photo with that stage of the construction)

It took it one day to fully set and harden. Unfortunately I worked day and night shifts until the next week, so it was rock solid when I finally had some more time to see after it.

I chose some wood, in my case two peaces of wood(again I am terribly sorry but the photo went missing). At first I thought of using them raw without sanding them, but after pondering, I decided to glue them together and then sand them for a better look.

I glued them together and later to the wood imbedded in concrete, using polyurethane adhesive. Careful when you use that stuff, don't drop it on other surfaces or yourself, I advise you to use it in the yard or after you covered the workbench with newspaper.

Before gluing the top of the bench make sure you paint the back of the wood leaving unpainted the areas where the glue will go.

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After adding glue, don't forget to add something heavy to keep the wood pressed together. after another day the top will be firmly glued to the bottom.

To make it look even better I covered the small rectangular peaces of wood with cement . And yes that is Lavender2.0, hopefully it will live more than 1.0.

In the back you can see some tall herbs and maybe you are wondering what they are, well in the far back that is my wisteria...yes I know a lot of people told me not to get wisteria in my yard, but that gray wall needs to be covered.

The others are supposed to make flowers, although on the seed pack they forgot to add the fact that the plant reaches 1m before blooming, seriously they are 40cm tall already and no flower.

This concludes the story of my garden, hopefully they will all live happily ever after including my new lavender. The end


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