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Washing Machines With The Most Amazing Hygienic Features

Updated on October 24, 2014
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Branded Washing Machines You Can Always Depend On

Washing machines are really great help to us. We can’t live easy without them especially if we always want clean clothes available every time. And those huge dirty blankets that are heavy to clean? Nothing can handle these but only our reliable washing machines.

For those who want the more affordable washing machines especially the large type washers, they can have lots of options. There are the twin-size types that can accommodate volumes of laundry load easily. For individuals who just want the mini-types, they can settle with the portable washers. These are ideal for persons or couples living in condos, boarding houses or small apartments. Though compact, the new portable washing machines can really clean basic cloth materials such as shirts, shorts, pants, small towels and thin blankets quickly in small volume.

The Incredible Modern Washing Machines

Our modern washing machines now come with many amazing features that we could not believe they can be these sophisticated. Their features are so great that we can do other tasks while doing the laundry. Also, most of them have become more health-friendly and advisable for us to use. For instance, there are washing machines that have built-in water heaters or steam wash cycles that can kill germs on clothes so what you get are holistically clean and fresh-smelling clothes. There are also washing machines with allergen cycle features which can eliminate all types of allergens on clothes and really fit for those who have skin allergies.

There are only few of the great features that the new washing machines have and which you will discover here. And the good news is that these modern washing machines generally come with Energy Star tags. This means that these have passed the environmental safety standards set by the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) so they are all safe for domestic use and to the environment.

If you want the most popular, sophisticated and most reliable washing machines made right for your laundry use and healthy living, check the products below. These were carefully selected for anyone’s particular choice because we know that each of us has certain definition of the best washing machine. Note that each unit was rated 4 to 5 stars by no other then buyers from Amazon themselves.

Maytag Maxima 4.3 Cu. Ft. Gray Front Load Washer - MHW6000XG

If you want an elegant-looking front-loading type of washing machine that has a very handsome black shiny finish, this 4.3 cu.ft. Maxima would be your best bet. It’s not only proud of its beautiful features but it also has an automatic fill-power wash cycle and can eliminate allergens right on clothes. Added to that, it also has a built-in water heater so your clothes even the toughest dirt with bacteria could come out clean, disinfected and free of allergens. Customers like the hot water during its final rinse which is necessary in killing bacteria and washing off allergens.

Other good features of this machine are its quiet motor and durable body. With 11 cycles to boast, it has also an Energy Star tag so this machine is not only eco-friendly but it can also save you money because it was made to be an energy efficient washing machine. And in terms of load capability, this one has a large wash drum. Take note that this unit runs on 110V circuit. This model is one of the best sellers among the popular brands at Amazon. Well, what can you expect from an American brand washing machine but only the best features.

LG WM2650HRA With Steam CycleWasher 3.6 Cu. Ft. Red Stackable With Steam Cycle Front Load Washer - Energy Star

Looking for a colorful but tough cherry red washing machine that could match up your exotic laundry room interior? Why not check this LG TrueBalance front-loader washing machine that is really packed with amazing features. Not just that this unit can put you in active mood with its energetic color, this one actually is one of the most efficient washing machines today.

Check it out - it has 9 washing cycles, steam wash just right to disinfect and wash off tough stains from your items. And with its anti-allergen setting, this is just right if you have pets at home or live in a neighborhood that have lots of pollen from trees so you protect yourself and your families with it. Want more? This LG has upfront Electronic control Panel and Dual LED display so you can see your settings even in the dark. It also has an anti-vibration system that enables it to operate silently.

If you are very particular with your safety and want an energy-efficient washing machine this one is Energy Star certified so you get what you want. And based from the reviews, this unit only uses little water while it has incredible high spin cycle. If you want the white one to match your clean white laundry room interior, this is also available.

Electrolux Silver IQ Touch Front Load Washer and Steam GAS Dryer Laundry Set W/ Pedestals

Some people want their washing machines to come in good brands and Electrolux has it. This model come in two parts and that means the washer is separated from the dryer. That could be practical because this can give you fastest time to wash and dry. This Electrolux washing machine has it all. Its silver color makes it a handsome piece of an appliance that can match any classically furnished laundry room. However, it is not only its superb-looking exteriors that makes this model exceptional because this also has a steam electric dryer and 15” drawer pedestal where you can place your dirty clothes to avoid the mess while doing the laundry.

To boast, this Energy Star certified Electrolux washing machine can wash clothes in 15 minutes and 14 minutes on its dryer. And what’s more, it only uses 66 percent less water compared to ordinary twin-sized washing machines. The company says you can save up to 61% with its energy consumption and the reviews also say so. This is because it can take in loads double the quantity that standard twin size washing machines can't handle so you finish loads of laundry at shortest time. And to complete your satisfaction, it got steam washer for gentle deep cleaning while the steam drying will sterilize your clothes and prevent your clothes from forming the wrinkles.

Samsung White King Size Smart Care Top Load Washer and ELECTRIC Dryer Laundry Set

If you want the king size front-loader washing machine and a dryer in pair that can be perfect for your big family but want a great brand with proven efficiency, this Samsung King Size washing machine and dryer in set is what you need. At 4.5 cubic feet, you can load two and a half laundry baskets of dirty items in one load.

Mind you, these units look absolutely awesome because the washer has a very large smoke window and both units are equipped with elegantly white and digital button features mixed with manual control so you can manage everything so easily. Both also have Vibration Reduction Technology for smoother operation even at high speed and with the dryer’s Sensor Dry features it can detect the moisture in your item so your items won’t get under or over dried.

The Samsung King Size washing machine has 11 drying cycles and it is among the few large size Samsung washers that have garnered 5 stars from Amazon reviewers so this model really got something you will absolutely like.

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

This Haier washing machine is one nice portable top-loader washing machine that can load up to 6 pounds of washable items. Despite its small size which is very ideal for small-spaced apartments, it has the standard 3 water levels and 3 wash cycle features. But that is not how simple it is. This one is also packed with state-of-the-technology because of its electronic controls with LED indicators. Because it is a Haier, it has a very quiet operation. For easy movements, it has adjustable leveling legs with smooth-rolling casters so you can push it anywhere you want. Its stainless steel tub makes it a tough tub washing machine that you can efficiently use from the softest cloths like baby clothes all the way to your jeans.

One more thing, you don’t have to worry how to connect it. This unit has a quick connect sink adapter which is included in its installation kit. After you do your laundry, you can roll it away easily. Measuring only 17.25 X 17.5 by 30 inches, this energy efficient machine is one of the best selling portable single washing machines at Amazon today. If you are living alone or are a couple who only want to wash light clothes every now and then, this one will suit you really fine.

Bonus Package Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine 5.5lbs Capacity

When you check this Panda Mini Portable Washing machine, you would not think this can be an efficient little laundry help that you can bring anywhere. If you don’t have time to manually wash socks, underwear, towel, garden gloves, T-shirts, shorts, single pants or any not-so-bulky items, you will really need this one. Even with its small size, it has a very powerful motor and very easy to operate even teens can use it. And aside from its cute size and exterior features, this mini countertop washer is really a perfect partner if you are staying in an apartment, dormitory or even when traveling.

With 5.5 pounds capacity and only weigh 6 kilogram, this unit comes with 6 months warranty. So if you hate going to the Laundromat and you just need to clean up your shirts and some light items at home, you can rely on this Panda washing machine. With its blue plastic transparent body, you can literally see your clothes spinning. Having this, you will always have clean clothes with you anytime. No wonder this mini Panda is gathering 5 stars at Amazon.

Sonya Portable Compact Small Laundry Dryer Apartment Size 110vstainless Steel Drum Transparent Lid 8.8lbs Capacity/2.65cu.ft.

You want to go with the best portable dryer that you can use in your apartment, cabin or condo but must be reliable, energy efficient and pack with powerful drying features? Well, here is the Sonya Compact that can load up to 8.8 lbs. With its 2.65 cubic feet size and equipped with stainless drum and transparent lid, you can dry anything in it as long as it can carry even blankets. Weighing only 44 pounds, it is definitely like a standard size dryer but has compacted features so it will definitely meet your laundry drying needs.

You can secure it on the wall for more secured stand and it will deliver noiseless drying. This is absolutely an ideal dryer for couples living in small homes or apartments and even for students who usually don’t have spaces to hang their washed clothes around. Because of its portability and light weight, it can easily fit into a car’s trunk. This is also energy efficient and runs on 110 Volt current.

Choosing the best washing machines can be difficult because so many good brands are on the market nowadays. However, what we have got for you here were carefully chosen because of their special features, handsome exteriors, durability and efficiencies. They can also last for many years if used accordingly and are covered with the right warranties so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. So don’t settle for washing machines that are sold cheaply and are not of popular brands. These ones are healthier, eco-friendly and some of the most trusted brands among modern washing machines we have in the market today.

Great Laundry Items For More Convenient Washing And Drying

To give you utmost satisfaction with your washing and drying, I have also included here small significant but affordable items that you can really get your money's worth with. You will be amazed on how you can use them with your laundry. These will complete your satisfaction when it comes to your laundry needs.

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