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There is still time for a Three Sister's Garden: Let's Not Give Up!

Updated on June 9, 2011

There Is Still Enough Time For A Garden

Life was difficult in the Spring, weather wise, and I have not won my struggle with getting my gardens in. I have several sites, five actually, and they are not even 10% complete with scheduled plantings. I was able to get 36 tomato plants in the ground and only a few peppers. My pears, apples, cherries, plums and raspberries grew on their own and are producing on their own accord, providing me with un-deserved quality, organic fruits (I did not work the orchard the way I should have, for lack of time).

It was last week when I was sitting for a while, listening to my Uncle and my Mother talking about the the "good old days" when they were children. After all these years, I heard for the first, about an old Indian lady (a Native American, to be politically correct) that happened to be my great, great grandmother. I was shocked to know that I had a Native American in my family. Shocked, not because I am not proud to have her in the family, but shocked because I knew nothing about her or her culture.

As I looked at at my garden plots, growing beautiful weeds, strong beautiful weeds, it occurred to me that I should pull up all the beautiful weeds and grow a "Three Sister's Garden" in honor of my great great grandma. I thought about how proud she would be of me that I have not given up hope and plan to make my gardens grow. As you read what I am writing, if you do not have a garden yet, or if you are in the same mind-set that I am in, let's do this together.

The Three Sisters Garden consists of corn, beans, and squash. There is a lot of instructions on the Internet for how to do this type of garden so I am not going to write all of the details here in this Hub. I would like for you to google "three sisters garden" and find an approach that suits your fancy. As you plan and plant your Three Sisters Garden feel free to plant some tomato plants, or pepper plants or seeds such as cucumbers and melons around the edges of the garden.

This has been a short discourse but I hope that it has been fun to read and I hope that it motivates you as it has motivated me, to the action of increased gardening.

By the way did you notice the eye on the face of the lady in this Hub? It is a very healthy eye. The lashes around the eye (the stuff that makes up the hair) is healthy. Notice that her skin is also, very healthy. When those like myself, physicians, look into her eyes using instrumentation, we see vessels, optic disc, and other structures in the back of her eyes. This give us a picture of her health, whether it is good or bad. It just so happen that this lady has wonderfully good health. "You are what you eat." She has eaten well, so her health is good. She grows and eats her own quality foods,whenever she can, and as best as she can. This is a great reason for growing your own garden.


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