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Therepudicness of Hot Tubs and Pools

Updated on May 12, 2017

Therapudicness of Hot Tubs and Pools

How many people go swimming or have been in a hot tub? I am sure that everyone has at least once in their lifetime. I know that there is hub out there titled hydrotherapy, but this is going to be different. The point of this hub is why Hot tubs and pools are considered therapeutic and the limitlessness of it. Why are hot tubs and pools considered to be therapeutic? It is because of the use of heat water and air, help the sore muscles, with the messaging agents that are installed in the hot tubs, to ease away your aches and pains. Aches and pains can be limitless to some people but the relief you get from going into a pool or a hot tub can be limitless.

Using a hot tub to cure aches and pains is great. It is a natural therapy used, by hospitals, health spas, and physiotherapy. If these three establishments use them for health then it must be healthy enough for you to use at home if you have the means to do so. It helps your muscles relax and loosen up. When you are in hot water, your body temperature rises and it causes your blood vessels to dilate resulting in increased circulation. The buoyancy of the water reduces body weight which in turn relieves pressure on the joints and muscles that are ailing you. The massaging action of the jets, which are in the hot tub, the warm water relaxes tight muscles and stimulates the release of endorphin the body’s natural painkillers.

This is why hot tubs are therapeutic but what about pools? Can pools be therapeutic too? Yes, pools can be therapeutic too, there are actual pools that are meant for therapy and they are called aquatic therapy pools. These pools have low impact jets and warm water to help with muscle aches and pains. But can actual chlorine or salt water pool be therapeutic? Yes, they can, the water doesn’t always have to be warm to help with therapy. Some people need it for a range of motion and swimming helps with that. There are limitless pools or hot tubs that can be used for therapeutic reasons. An example of how they can be used for therapeutic reasons is, I have cerebral palsy and to keep my muscles and joints limber swimming in the summer and using a hot tub in the winter keeps my muscles from seizing up. The movement is fun and easy exercise that doesn’t even feel like exercise at all. Exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise is the best kind don’t you think?

My sister and I bought a hot tub when we were seventeen because we needed it for therapy. It was one of the best investments that we made. We use it all the time, for therapy and relaxation reasons, the more limber you are the better you can walk, and that goes for everyone, not just people that have walking issues. Wouldn’t you agree? Yes, pools and hot tubs are therapeutic if you want them to be and if you want them for exercise. Which I am sure that everyone does. Do you think that all pools and hot tubs are therapeutic? I think that they are, but I am also a bit bias because that is all that I use hot tubs and pools for since I have cerebral palsy and need therapy daily. So I swim and go in the hot tub every chance I get for that reason. I use pools to help me with my flexibility so that I can walk better. Did you ever think things like hot tubs and pools that are known as fun things to use with family and friends could be used to help you when you are hurting as well?

This is sort of what my hot tub looks like
This is sort of what my hot tub looks like

How Hot tubs can help people live

Flexibility is key not only for people that are hurting but for everyone to stay mobile. If you are close to a pool or hot tub or even have one, don't hesitate to use it, it can benefit you, even if you are not hurting. Using a pool for therapy so you stay active and using a hot tub for the same reason, is a great thing to do. You can do a limitless number of things in therapeutic hot tubs and pools to make you feel better.

Pools and hot tubs are fun things to have and are very therapeutic without realizing it. Since you are moving around in both of these bodies of water, and stretching for the most part that is why both of them are limitlessly therapeutic. I have my own hot tub for therapy reasons because I have cerebral palsy and to keep my body limber I need to do stretching and use heat sometimes for that too. Which is why I have a hot tub, when I first got the hot tub I used it a limitless number of times, but I don't use it like that now even though I should.

Hot tubs and pools are limitlessly therapeutic because in order to stay afloat in them you have to move limitlessly. Which means your muscles will always be loose because of all the movement you are doing in order to stay afloat. Even though you sit in a hot tub and don't move much you still have to keep yourself afloat so you don't float out the seat you are sitting in.

The question is how can hot tubs and pools be therapeutic in a limitless way? Well the answer to that question is stretching muscles is easier in the water you are more flexible and it is a great stretch swimming and kicking your legs. Which you can do limitlessly in either a hot tub or pool. Hot tubs and pools can be limitlessly fun and therapeutic at the same time it doesn't always have to be work or feel painful.

Therapy can be fun and it can be relaxing too which is why it can be limitless since it doesn't have to be done in just one way.

Hot tubs, pools and flexibility

Pools and hot tubs are very therapeutic because when you are in them you are weightless. When you are weightless you are more flexible so doing exercises in a pool or hot tub, will improve your flexibility because you can practice being flexible while you are weightless in the water, which is a lot easier on your joints. So when you get out of the pool or hot tub you will feel more relaxed and loose instead of all tense and sore.

Can Pools and Hot tubs be therapeutic and do you own a pool or hot tub? Let's discuss

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