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They Never Listened

Updated on April 24, 2016

Hummmming birds

They never listened;

They said once "Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not covet, Thou shalt not commit adultery." The Christians, The first one Killed was the sin, and then they rest was a lie. Then they made their own nightmares in the church, satanists. Satanists were Christians. So were the witches they burned. The saints would have all been liars, and all that they coveted in my life and information was a sin. They sinned against their own beliefs and I resurrected the Jews for them in thought and flesh from the ashes. Fun, they hated me. I told Christ to get back on the cross, the backs of those that carried him in belief. They were his bread and butter. Well it is a sad house cleaning job. They hurt their own house and crucified my life as a lie. I cared enough to ask for help and they damned me anyways. I guess the joke is on them because they have to live their bull shit now, I get to watch as the Good Jesuit speaks his life away. I told him to sell the Vatican vault art to pay for the crime. Not my business, we live in Freedom of choices, I forgave the righteous for the innocent mind's that they all were in religions. The innocence was that they never listened to any commandments from Gods anyways. It is so old now it doesn't matter. Appropriate house cleaning business. I told nature they would probably lay down branches again for man to write on, yet they needed a rest for awhile from my hand. I would stay out and just mind the things my heart used to sing about, I will recall the anger, the deeds, and I have need now so it was a joke on my Heart. That I see them live out the beliefs of their Gods, priceless. Some have left already. I suppose the die hards are here helping the lost. i like it here.

The Buddhists, the eight fold path, four noble truths the minute they laid that down, they told people how to be their own truths. I warned them, "you are you own path." It is fine, hard to call a life worth living when they judged from 1000 fold monastery and said "You should live like this." Many old monks never knew anything but the floor and prayer, in meditation. No apologies, they know it in their hearts as the truth. The human animal needed some meat products, like cattle or fish in the diet anyways in time they grew hips and turned into women. Reincarnation and soy vegan diets work for sheep but humans need food, and honestly animals were made for running wild, notice the weight on deer and sheep all in the hind quarters, Flanks. I warned them, told his royal majesty about it before I banished him from heart for his chaos quest in the path he picks in his life. All was forgiven, the monks grew up like that never knowing a different life. It is still worth listening to, you never have to base a path solely on another's word. Be yours and find a Heart or mind to use in yours.

Psychology, all lies based on everything you learned, then you know it a lie. Everyone has their own psychology and the variable of want and need is governed by education and experience. You can not control for that. You usually seek help in want or need so you care for yourself. Other wise why would you go. Never ending learning. I guess my degree hopes were destroyed, no PhD. I couldn't ever finish, it never ends. I do not apologies for that, find your own psychology of Heart and soul. Mine was over along time ago and the Sangha, was a joke. Just an idea and if they coveted and stole my ideas then they are damned to live them now. I cannot help nor would I. Should have asked first I am difficult soul and spirit to test and manipulate, no books from me ever to publish, the trees need the wood and paper as they spoke to my Heart.

The Rest, Magic carpet rides, Earth spirit and totems, well and Kali. I recalled all your consorting about like nature. Never underestimate the sun to self replicate in the nature that it knew. No worlds on that one yet. Tricky devils. Hey, live all the hell that your Gods or beliefs made, I walked through all mine in life and here in spirit, next world wide wondering. Tell your younger self, the lesson you learned. "What never believe in the bullshit other people speak, listen to your own heart and leave the minute someone doesn't want to follow your dreams" never stay in a relationship when someone says "you have to do change your life for mine." Even children judge the parents for lives they are too immature to live. Have fun in your lives with out your father, you wanted her and it the damnation way, stay in Hell.

Steven Philip Lindquist, in my own mind's eye. Tempo temple rhythms of distant thundering drums.


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    • Steven Lindquist profile image

      Steven Philip Lindquist and aliases in nature 19 months ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota United [divided] States of the Americas

      PS Nature is not a Mother it is a Force Um Nature Judgment, I forgave everyone, everything and creation for it was chaos in the physical and in the spiritual as well, the Mists of a dove in Crow land, or crow in Dove land. Tell [insert name], we all love the fixer role for the calculator and planner, they never fixed their own hearts why help others, I gave up.