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Things Boys Should Learn Before Leaving Home

Updated on May 5, 2013

This Kid Has it Down

Things Boys Should Learn Before College

Things Boys Should Learn

Okay this may come off as kind of sexist but I think there are certain things girls and boys learn growing up just by nature of being boys and being girls and I don't think it's sexist I think it just is. For instance when I left the house there were many things I had to have my sister do for me and many things i had to do for her simply because we had each not learned how to do them not because we were incapable.

Things Boys Should Learn Before College

Before your young man goes off to college there are some typical girl things he should learn. This shouldn't be something that you try to do at the last minute but more of something you do over the last several years of school. So that these lessons really sink in and he has time to learn them and tailor them to his own uses.

Things My Son Knows How To Do

My Son Knows How To Do These Things

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List of Things Boys Should Learn Before Leaving Home

If your son is leaving for college or work or the military here is a list of things that are typically female tasks around the house that he should learn. Knowing them will make him a better human, a better roommate to someone in the future and someday maybe a better husband to your future daughter in law. Not to mention that he has probably always had these jobs done for him by some female figure probably his mother or sister in his life. This will be replaced by a girlfreind and you don't want your son to have to have a girlfreind just to get his shirts ironed you want him to choose her because he loves her.

  1. He should know how to take a wrinkled collared shirt and iron it till it's presentable on an ironing board.
  2. He should be able to cook a Steak, a Fish, A chicken dish, and a pasta dish.
  3. He should be able to make his favorite meal from home it won't be as good as moms but it will do in a pinch.
  4. He should be able to clean a toilet
  5. He should know how to do laundry including seperating colors.
  6. He should be able to mop and sweep and vaccuum a home to your standards. Including cleaning the vacuum bag and changing the filters and the belt.
  7. He should know how to send a real thank you card and write a real letter to someone.

The List

Ironing a Shirt

Your Son should know how to take a wrinkled collared shirt and iron it on an ironing board until it's up to mom's standards. That way if he gets to a point where he has an event to attend to and he needs a shirt he can always pull one out and iron it. Not to mention he will be miles ahead of every other guy out there who is going to job interviews with wrinkly shirts on. So this is a big one.


Many young men today know how to cook. But many just know how to barbecue. It's different. They should know how to make at least a steak dish, a chicken dish, a pasta dish and their favorite meal from home. It won't be as good as mom makes but at least it will be another meal they know how to make. That is four dishes and don't let them get off easy. So for instance macaroni and cheese does not count as a pasta dish. But Spaghetti and meatballs does so they can take those four dishes and mix and match them and put some salads in their and have a few different dishes at the ready when they need to cook.

He Should Be Able To Clean A Toilet

Your son should be able to clean a toilet after all boys make big messes of toilets they should be able to clean them up don't you think? So teach him to clean a toilet the right way. So that it's actually clean and not just wiped off with toilet paper. But really clean like at your house.

He Should Know How To Do Laundry

Your son should know how to do laundry including separating colors so his whites don't come pink and he should know how to get basic stains out with stain sticks or with cold water things that most boys don't know they just throw it in the basket and it comes back clean. So teach him.

He Should Know How To Clean The House To Your Standards

He should know how to clean the house to your standards. So that means everything including sweeping, mopping vacuuming everything. Not to mention the fact he should know to change the filter or bag on the vacuum as well as how to change the belt when it breaks and where to order the new filter or bag and belt. Trust me this seems easy to a woman because you've done it a million times but not to a boy who has never had to do it ever.

He Should Be Able To Send A Real Thank You Card And Write A Real Letter

Many people have been having their sons write thank you cards since they were little but I never wrote one till I was an adult. So teach your son to write a real thank you card as soon as they get a gift and teach them to write a real letter it's a dying art and sometimes that letter coming in the mail will make someones day. Don't you think so. Teach them how to do it. Even if they never do it again at least they know how to.


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