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Hurricane Safety Tips When You Decide To Ride Out Minimal Category Storms.

Updated on September 2, 2012

Things You Can Do To Better Cope With Hurricanes.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

All Tropical storms, and Hurricanes are dangerous. These tips are for individuals that may decide to ride out low category storms, however if officials advise mandatory evacuations then please leave . Actually they can all be bad, painful, very miserable, scary, and life threatening. They are not a game, and absolutely not a party. When they come I always pray for thousands of people, and for animals.

l. Listen to weather forecasts often. This enables you to be prepared for tasks you should complete for any natural emergency.

2. It is extremely important to keep flashlights, and batteries handy, and for you to have knowledge at you're reach. If you do not have a portable radio that runs on double A batteries, then acquire one. Keep at least two good working flashlights in case you drop one , and it breaks during times of a storm . Any good radio will keep you advised of weather forecasts , and it will help you to be informed of alerts in you're area because tornadoes are just as dangerous as well . It is important to know what is happening when you are without power in you're cities , and local areas because hurricanes, and tropical storms, or emergencies can cause you're power in you're home to be temporarily put out. You're radio will give you reports of areas that will flood , or be compromised by rising waters.

Do not attempt to drive on highways covered by water. If you must evacuate, leave when you are advised to leave .

3. Definitely keep a cell phone, and keep it fully charged. If it is too expensive to buy one, then get a free one. Most states make it possible for people to have free phones. Take advantage of these opportunities. Remember that everyone pays taxes. A cell phone can keep you in touch with neighbors, authorities, or with loved ones during a power outage. A cell phone will enable you to call you're power company so you can report you're loss of power. Write down important information, and keep it handy for you to easily make phone calls. Information like phone numbers to the police department , fire department, or to you're power company could be handy during the night on you're kitchen table when all you can see with is a flashlight.

My advise is to avoid the use of candles . Search around because I believe you can find portable lights that run on batteries.

Batteries are very handy. Some folks even use rechargeable batteries. They are a little more expensive, but can be a good investment.

Usually the first items that run out before a hurricane comes are ice, batteries, and flashlights in stores, so stock up on these items before they run out. If you are lucky to find bagged ice, then put a bag of ice in your refrigerator freezer.

4. Something I recently learned. If you are very ll, sick, disabled, or need medical care at all times because of sensitive conditions, then tell you're doctor to help you sign up for a special status so that personnel in the power company will know you're status. Hospitals, and people that need care may be able to have their power restored sooner. Everyone needs help, and power when electric goes out, but some people can become very ill because their bodies depend on cooler air from air conditioners. Talk to light company representatives, or agents, and find out how you can have you're physicians help you to have help sooner when you're power goes out.

5. Decide early whether you want to go to a shelter, or not . If you can not tolerate heat, then go to a shelter with you're family, or stay with friends, or relative that would have better living conditions ,or would have sources for cool air .

6. Buy, and store can goods. Items like Vienna sausages, sardines, canned pasta, canned raviolis, canned fruit cocktails, canned potted meats, canned hams, canned corn, peas, green beans, and even cranberry sauce can be nice to have. Anything that you're family can enjoy that can be canned, save enough can goods . If you wish you can also buy plastic spoons, and forks .

7. Bottle water is economical . Buy at least a case of it , and refrigerate it before the storm comes. It is better cold than hot. Even if you're refrigerator power is lost, the ice you have stored in you're freezer will help items in you're refrigerator last longer. Why not take advantage of you're refrigeration while you have it working anyway , and store drinks because this will help you to use less ice.

8. Ice will be hard to find very quickly if a hurricane is coming. If there is none around, then start early by filling plastic containers with water, and freezing the water in you're refrigerator freezer. I froze up half a freezer of ice in plastic containers. Get rid of anything in you're freezer that you don't need. The space will be good for ice. When the power goes out, the ice in you're freezer will help you're refrigerator to remain cool for a few days. Do not open you're refrigerator unless you have too when the power goes out . The longer you're refrigerator stays shut, the longer it will stay cold, and cool. Get what you need quickly, and close you're refrigerator door.

Keep clean rags. Keep a rag to cool you're self off. Take some of you're bath tub water, or faucet water if it is still running to soak you're rag. Sqeeze it, and use it to wipe your face, arms, and chest. The air from you're portable fan will enable the water from you're rag to cool you off nicely. If you need to bring the temperature of you're body down, then put a little piece of ice in some water, and dip you're rag into the ice water to cool you're body, then the air from you're fan will make you feel very cool . This will help you threw a long unpleasant day without power in you're home. Repeatedly cool you'reself off if necessary. What I have experienced usually after the passing of a hurricane, is hot weather. It is very cloudy during hurricane winds. When hurricanes are often over, power is still out in thousands of residents because the power company can not easily repair all the damaged power lines fast enough. So the sun comes out, and if you live in the south, the heat returns because the worst part of a hurricane season is in August which is the peak time for summer heat . In the south, the heat will return with a vengeance along with humidity. If you , and you're family have to face ninety, or ninety five degree whether for a long period of time, then cool off with rags soaked with some ice water. The power companies work as fast as they can, but you must remember that hundreds of thousands of people may be out of power too.

I personally feel that one of the primary hardships that victims must usually have to tolerate are power outages. Always be prepared for at least three days without power. Get enough supplies to last you, and you're family.

9. If you plan on riding out a hurricane at home , then you must be prepared for many situations that can make you miserable, and you're family miserable. Try to somehow collect a savings. Keep and emergency kitty. Save some money because you will need it. Just in case you must leave , you will need gasoline money, or traveling money. It can be very expensive to leave you're home if you have plans to try to rent a motel room , or to eat out for a while.

Automobile examination is important. Make sure you have enough oil, coolant, transmission fluid, steering fluid, and brake fluid in you're vehicles. Take care of you're car. Remember the two most important items that you, and you're family must have in you're lives. They are you're automobiles, and you're homes, or shelters.

10. Do you have pets ? Most people have them, and they love them just as much as family members. Be prepared to be able to have places for you're animals to have care during a hurricane if you need to leave home. Find out which shelters will help you find shelter for you're animals as well .

11. Store canned pet food for you're animals too. Store can cat food, or dog food. Keep plenty of ice stored in you're freezer because you will want to share some with your animals too. When it gets hot during a power outage, put ice in the drinking bowl water for you're dogs, or cats.They will really love it. This ice will help keep their body temperatures lower in hot weather too.

12. Tape up windows. Close shutters, but be able to see whats going on. Always keep , and eye on what is happening outside. Do not go outside. Do not walk in high winds. If you must walk in high winds be extremely careful of flying objects. Watch for power lines that might look harmless, but could be very much alive especially around plenty of water. Before a storm hits , check for items in you're yard that could be caught up by high winds. Secure loose items by putting them in places that will have less wind contact.

13. Fuel up you're car. You will need it in, and emergency in case you must leave, or plan to leave, but leave only if it is safe to leave. If you need help, and if you're in the storm, then call 911 or you're local emergency responders if for some reason you must leave in the middle of a bad storm. They may have the resources to help you if they can. Remember that people that save lives, have their lives too that must be respected. Do not put them in harms way unless it is absolutely necessary. If there is a mandatory evacuation order then follow the rules , and leave while you still have time on you're side. If there is no mandatory evacuation for you're area, then carefully consider the pros, and cons of you're situation. If you have small children , then consider evacuation, and consider leaving because you may have a more stressful situation on you're hands. Children may not be able to take hot weather conditions as well as you could. Most shelters will probably be comfortable, and cool for you're family.

14. Wash, and dry clothes early. Keep clean towels, rags, undergarments, clean, and easy to find. Buy plenty of paper towels by the rolls. Paper towels are very handy.

15. Store clean water from you're faucet for all kinds of needs in case water stops running. Sometimes water systems in towns will be compromised by storms , so fill the bath tub with clean water because you might need it to flush you're toilets . Sewage often soils clean water during storms so you must have clean drinking germ free water. The bottle water is for drinking only. Do not waste it on other matters. Fill you're tub, or large containers with water just in case you need it for something.

16. Keep dishes clean. Keep paper plates, garbage bags, and everything that is convenient because this will reduce you're work load.

17. Keep a few manual can openers . Keep you're cell phone charged. Keep a handy list of places you will want to call before , and after the power outage. You will want to know when stores will open again. You will want information about when you're garbage service will come back .

18. Clean up, wash up, take baths, and shower before the hurricane hits. You will lose power in you're home. If you ride out any storm which is unpleasant, at least you will feel somewhat clean. Shave because there is nothing worst than needing to shave during a storm. You will want to be as comfortable as you possibly can. Keep shaving cream, and keep yourself as comfortable as possible because sometimes you will still need to grab a few hours of sleep. If you have a grizzly aggravating beard, then trying to rest may be a little difficult.

19. Try to control you're behavior if you can. Long hours of exposure to an aggravating storm in closed up conditions may result in stress that will test you're patience quickly. Remember that everyone around you is going threw the same stuff you are experiencing, so be thoughtful about the feelings of others in you're home .

20. Keep a credit card with at least one hundred dollars in it for batteries, flashlights, bottled water, and for a portable radio. Definitely save cash because when power goes out, credit cards, check books , check processing machines all become useless. Try to fuel up you're automobile early while fuel supplies last. Go to hardware, and lumber companies early for supplies for plywood if you need it.

21. Generators may sound nice, but you need to know what is involved with them before you use them. They can be expensive. They usually require gasoline. I have mixed feelings about them. Sometimes they can be more trouble than what they are worth. If you have a good open protective outdoor area with a cement flooring , and with lots of ventilation, and a solid place to use it , then this is good. Never use a generator unless you know everything about it. It is also the kind of item you may not need often that should be maintained when not in use, so that when you need it, it will run properly, and safely, and be observed while it is running at all times.

Gasoline is no joy to search for during vital times. I have heard of many people running here, or there all over everywhere looking for gasoline for generators when perhaps a good old portable fan just might do the trick that will safely use large D batteries. I do not care what goes bad in my refrigerator. What matters to me is that my family has cool air. Maybe some portable fans , and plenty of batteries could be just as good.

If you know how to use generators adequately, and professionally , then you may be able to hook one up to a portable air conditioner. Such a set up could cost you more money , or more dollars, and remember that the generator must normally have gasoline. Special care must be taken when constantly using a gasoline driven device. A generator must be observed by a knowledgeable user at all times. Generators must also have rest, and you must keep them from over heating.

I am going to check into generators, but at this time I feel more confident in simple portable fans that run on D batteries. Small personal fans, and larger portable fans can be purchased threw the Internet. I believe I may have spent around twenty, or thirty dollars for our one fan. I suggest a family have at least two, or three portable fans in a home for any storm emergency during power outages. I also feel that every family member should have their own fan so that everyone can have the air they need . You can not sleep in a hot home during a blackout without at least some kind of moving air from a fan. I held my portable fan on my wife, and daughter for thirty six hours. It would have been nice to have two, just in case my fan would have fallen, and broke.

If you are going to use a portable fan, then set up a way for it to be secure so that it want slip down , and fall, otherwise you will have to hold on to it securely for everyone else to stay cool.

Ice can be like gold in a storm. Rags with water can be used for you're face, and arms to keep you're body temperature normal. During hurricane Katrina I almost died from heat exposure. Heat exposure can cause you're body to break out in large black round welps on you're body , and you want even know it unless you look at you're back in a mirror. I was covered with large splotches , and the heat made me delirious where I lost consciousness. A hurricane is not a game. Hurricanes can kill people that can not take heat because hurricanes usually occur in times of hot weather when the oceans are warm. Hot water in oceans is like ice cream for hurricanes, and tropical storms. I have lived among these storms all my life. I have been threw every major hurricane in the south.

22. Be prepared. Stock up. Save money. Have a small savings always for any emergency. Always live safely, and follow safety rules, and use tools safely during rough weather conditions. I will add to ideas I wish to share here.

23. Life comes first. Check on loved ones. Check on the elderly, and women, and children. Make sure everyone's has food, water, and shelter. Find out where shelters will be. Know exactly where you can go during an emergency at any time with you're family.

24. If you do not have supplies , or can not get supplies, then stay with someone who has a generator. Don't worry about anything except for the safety of everyone you love, and cherish. If you are without money, check out shelters as near as possible to you, and take care of you're family, but always save money for you're future. You can always return favors, but you can never bring back life if it is lost in the shuffle.

God Bless Everyone.


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    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Kashmir : Thank you so much for visiting my precious friend. Hope you, and you're family are happy, and well. I am glad that you like the hub. Your views, and thoughts are important to me because you always do the right things, and do what is right, and help people with important knowledge. Wishing you many blessings of love in the caring arms of Christ my friend.

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi my friend this is all great tips and advice to help everyone be safe in a tropical storms, and hurricanes . Thanks for this very useful information !

      Vote up and more !!!

    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Mhatter : Thank you very much for passing threw. God Bless You my friend.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      good advise. thank you. (for my partner Kristine)

    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Rosemay : Thank you dear heart. I am very encouraged by you're words. God Bless You dear heart.

    • Rosemay50 profile image

      Rosemary Sadler 

      6 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

      This is awesome advice Stars. You have given some very useful information and tips for preparation.

      I am sharing this.

      You take care and stay safe



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