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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Washing Machine

Updated on March 20, 2011

Washers have come to be more energy-efficient throughout the past ten years. Lately, a few makers have taken short-cuts in order to satisfy the federated energy standards; they reduced the heat of the water and along with it, the cleaning efficiency in the system. Studies reveal enormous distinctions in efficiency amid the washer designs and some of them have merited second-rate scores for cleaning capability. Luckily, these examinations also discovered washing machines that are both efficient and capable. 

Improvements incorporate mid-wash soak time and more combative turbulence. Several front-loading washers have steam processes that enhance cleansing and also allege to sterilize clothes. Do a bit of research to discover the correct design for your household.

Types of Washing Machines

Before you purchase a brand new washing machine, learn about the distinct kinds of cleaning devices available on the market. While one kind of washing machine may have attributes that interest you, it may not fit your lifestyle or financial plan.

Regular Top-Loader Washing Machines

These designs fill the basins completely with water, and a turbulator agitates the clothes.

High-Efficiency Top-Loader Washing Machines 

These utilize a range of techniques to raise and roll the clothes. They fill only part way, so they utilize less water, and they turn at extremely fast rates. They operate most effectively with high-efficiency, low-foaming soap.

Front-Loading Washing Machines 

These too fill only part way with water. They clean clothing by raising them to the top of the basin and then dumping them back in to the water. They operate most effectively with high-efficiency, low-foaming soap.

Space-Saving Washing Machines

These condensed designs are usually 24" wide, in comparison with 27" for regular-sized designs.

Features Focus On The Essentials

A few of the attributes available can be more hassle than they are worth. Here are some clothes washer attributes to think about:

Automatic Distributors 

Automatic distributors for soap, fabric softener and bleach release the products at just the right time in the wash cycle; bleach distributors also put an end to splashing.

Automatic Temperature Regulator

It alters the water heat to the right temperature for the setting you are employing. Most devices combine cold and hot water in pre-determined measurements. A routine temperature regulator changes for extra cold water as it enters.

Additional Rinse Settings 

Some designs supply this option. It may be useful to those users who are reactive to soap sediment.

Washing Machine Controls 

Many expensive washing machines come with trackpad commands that integrate lists to choose from for customized settings. Some designs supply special settings for materials such as satin, as well as 4 or more programs for water-level. Customized settings could be baffling, particularly when you are just learning them. The simple settings and program settings can satisfy most cleaning requirements, and you could repeat unique settings with dials or buttons. Three program settings for water-level are the most that people need.

Dial Commands 

Dial commands are the classic kind and are typically simpler to use than the trackpad or digital commands.

High-Quality Lid or Top

Look for am enamel lid or top. An enamel lid or top withstands scratches more competently than finished metal.

High-Quality Wash Basin 

Look for a plastic or stainless-steel wash-basin. Unlike an enamel tub, plastic or stainless will not oxidize if it's damaged and stainless containers could resist faster turn rates, which speeds up drying by extracting more water.

Steam Programming 

This attribute pledges to clean more competently and to sterilize clothes. However, tests shows that steam washers do not clean stains more competently, but they do clean efficiently even when not using the steam. In addition, their costs are more than double that of regular washers that perform the same.

Time-Delay Settings

This attribute allows you to schedule the washing machine to begin at a certain time.

Trackpad Commands 

Trackpad commands are quite versatile, allowing you to save preferred program settings, for example. Some expensive designs have a screen with a furtherance of lists to choose from with customized settings, despite the fact that they could be hard to learn and use. Pluses involve illuminations or signs that denote the setting, as well as an auto-lock that prevents kids from opening a top-loading machine lid when in use.  (Front-loader machines lock at the start of a setting but usually can be unlocked by disrupting the cycle.)


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    • DaveMS profile image


      8 years ago from Overland Park, Kansas

      I have a whirlpool washer and dryer and they both have lasted for a while!


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