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Things To Consider When You Buy A TV Stand

Updated on January 5, 2010

Choosing a TV stand can be a difficult task. Most people want a media TV stand that will suit their television as well their home's décor, and at the same time, complements their sense of style. With that in mind, there are so many styles of TV stands that come in a wide range of configurations and materials. Materials used to make TV stands can include wood, glass and metal and, more commonly, cheap laminated pressboard. They also range in styles such as plain, classic, contemporary or super-modern and sleek. With so many looks and styles you're sure to find a TV stand that suits your preferences.

A very stylish BDI TV stand that will look good in any home!
A very stylish BDI TV stand that will look good in any home!

What Type of TV Stand Suits Your Home?

Walk into any furniture store to shop for a TV stand and you may be overwhelmed by the abundance of choices that are available. In order to narrow down those choices, you should consider what the most important aspects are to meet your needs. First and foremost is the appearance. Consider the style, color and your home décor. Do you want your TV stand to blend in nicely with all your other furniture, or do you it want to stand out as the focal point of the room? While there a few color choices for TV stands; black is the most popular color choice, as it goes with almost any décor.

Size is important too! Be sure to measure your television prior to making a purchase. It would be really frustrating if you got your TV stand assembled only to realize the TV is too big. If you have a widescreen TV you may want to consider an LCD TV stand which is essentially just a deep book shelf with storage doors or drawers. This style has no upper housing, allowing the LCD TV to be set on top of it.

Some TV stands provide all the storage you'll ever need!
Some TV stands provide all the storage you'll ever need!

TV Stands Offer Plenty of Storage!

Another feature that you may want to consider is media storage. If you have a lot of DVD's or CD's, many TV stands incorporate built-in storage for these items as well as for additional electronic components such as DVD players and stereos. Many TV stands include drawers, shelves and other forms of storage for additional functionality and space.

The number one factor to consider is quality. Typically, a TV stand will be used for many years and a better quality stand will last through normal wear and tear and room rearrangements. Look for a stand made of durable hardwood or strong metal for lasting quality.

Ultra-sleek and modern TV stands look great!
Ultra-sleek and modern TV stands look great!

A Quality TV Stand is the Best Choice

Cheap stands made of laminate, wood veneer, or fiberboard usually only last a couple years, at best. In addition to lasting many years, a quality TV stand will be able to accommodate the weight of your big screen TV and accompanying electronic components.

For a great piece of TV furniture you could always have one custom made. Not only will the item be made of the quality materials that you've chosen, but you also get to decide exactly how it will look. A truly stunning, handcrafted TV stand makes a great conversation piece during dinner parties.

For a better idea of what to look for, take a look through some furniture catalogs. There are also many furniture stores that feature their inventory on a website so that you can easily browse through a large range of TV stand styles.

Build A TV Stand

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