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Things to know while purchasing a portable air conditioner or cooler

Updated on July 10, 2012

Portable air conditioner - An Overview

A portable air conditioner is an amazing device which can take off the heat of your room in an efficient manner while enabling you to carry the device from room to room with ease. Today, with rapidly changing technologies, luxuries are replacing necessities and an air conditioner is a perfect example for this. The normal air conditioner has now transformed into a portable one allowing you carry it anywhere, needing little efforts. If you live in areas which are hot and humid during summer, then obviously you need to install an air conditioner along with the gas fireplace installation. Be it a window ac or through-wall units, you need to install them by making certain alterations to the window or the wall. People who dwell in condominiums or apartments have limited options to make any alterations to the building plan owing to space issues. This is where a portable air conditioner comes to your rescue.

Types of portable air conditioning units

Purchasing the right portable air conditioner best suited for your room is what matters the most. There are single hose units and double hose units. A single hose portable air conditioner has a single hose which connects the rear part of the AC unit with the venting kit for hot air to exit. The two hoses present in a double hose AC unit function in the opposite manner. One hose enables hot air to go out while the other draws in cool air. Depending on the size of the room you can go for a single hose or a double hose.

Portable air conditioning units are mainly categorized into two, namely, condenser units and evaporating units. The condenser unit requires a vent to blow hot air and it is ideal to place this unit near a window or an open place. Coolant Freon is used in these units. The wheels enable you to move this unit anywhere in the home. Evaporating portable air conditioning units work similar to old air coolers. They contain a water tank which helps in evaporation and cooling of the room. However, the water needs to be filled on a regular basis. Evaporating units cost you less when compared with condenser type portable ac units.

Advantages of portable air conditioners

A portable air conditioner does not need any installation or alteration of the house. They are normally 28-34” tall and contains wheels for portability. There are several advantages of portable air conditioners over normal air conditioners. Firstly, these portable air conditioning units can be used to cool a small room or a particular area as they are portable. Secondly, these units are energy efficient and economical. Having a central air conditioning system installed in the home is a good thing. However, the problem with central cooling system is that you need to run it to cool certain warm areas while other areas are incredibly cooler. With a portable air conditioning unit, you can cool specific rooms or areas efficiently and in an economical manner. In addition, you can use these units as a backup option.


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    • suvitharoja profile image

      suvitharoja 5 years ago from India

      Thank you for your comment. And yes, if you do not have a window, you can use a dryer vent kit. Read this discussion which talks about the issues involved in hooking up an AC unit in a garage.

    • profile image

      King sly 5 years ago

      IM interested in the af 351 portable air conditioner, I want to put it in a garage but it doesn't have a window can I still hook one up