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Three Chinese Rugs To Buy

Updated on October 7, 2011

Chinese rugs tremendously enhance any home or office décor. Use them as a traditional floor covering or a wall decoration-- either option showcases one’s personal style and taste. Although they have been manufactured for centuries, it is the rugs of the 1930’s that appeal most to contemporary consumers. With numerous options labeled as ‘Chinese,‘ it can be overwhelming to whittle down the choices. Let us analyze three important styles of Chinese rugs are Nichols, Peking, and Fette.

Produced for three decades beginning at the turn of the century, Nichols rugs exude heavy influence from the Art Decco period. A bold mix of colored wool is blended to create this distinct style, still very much popular in the modern era. Consumers can expect to spend approximately $2500 or more on a rug of this variety. Factors to consider when determining price are age, size, and style.

Peking rugs pay homage to ancient Chinese traditions and symbols. A central design serves as the rug’s focal point with patterns surrounding the rest of the material. Ivory and blue hues are the most common color schemes utilized in the Peking style.

Many contemporary rugs mimic the Peking style. However, models made from the 1970’s until the present day are significantly more affordable than the originals. Only a professional will know the difference if you decide to purchase a more recent model. Collectors searching for a long-term financial investment should seek only originals.

Comparable to the Nichols rugs, Fette styles share a similar time frame as both of the aforementioned rug types, peaking during the first few decades of the twentieth century. Although these are quite similar to the Peking rug in terms of style there is a considerable European influence-- and less of the vibrant color than expected of other Chinese rugs. A considerable variation exists in terms of pricing so it is recommend to consider a variety of sources.

ll buyers, especially the collector, should learn as much as possible about each of these types of rugs before making a purchase. Take your time. Compare and contrast. It is well worth the money for a investor to hire a professional appraiser to assist you in ascertaining the quality and value.

Maintaining proper upkeep is imperative for the longevity of rugs. Do not attempt to remove any stains yourself-- contact a professional immediately. Keep animals and children away from investment pieces. As with all fine furniture rugs require necessarily diligence.

Treasure your Chinese rugs as valuable and timeless additions to any personal décor.

Chinese Rugs
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Chinese Rugs
Chinese Rugs | Source
Chinese Rugs
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