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Three Reasons Why You Should Grow Organic Medical Marijuana

Updated on October 24, 2011
Don't panic, it's organic!
Don't panic, it's organic!

Can you imagine strolling through the woods, when you happen across a forest ranger trying to use a leaf blower?

That ridiculous image is not too far off of what I see while driving around town. The amount of bagged leaves, tree clippings, grass, and dead foliage being tossed out, could easily boost a crop of Medical Marijuana- or anything else vegetative. If you think of feeding the soil not the plant, then you are on your way to producing a great organic Medical Marijuana crop.

One reason to focus on the organic aspect is that it’s very available.

Most yards have grass, leaves, clippings, and other formerly alive vegetation. Aside from sparing you extra trash bag usage, hauling, and physical labor, this organic material needs to remain in the yard. You don’t need a fancy tumbler, chicken wire, or compost bin either- just an area of the yard dedicated for dead stuff. If you have a pick-up truck and notice bagged up leaves, toss them aboard and take them home! Many growers alternate sides of the yard, with the non-use side for these organic by-products. Mix in some fresh cut material with older dead vegetation, turn or rake around periodically. Egg shells, coffee grinds, and herbivore manure are excellent amendments to toss in.

Secondly, without getting real scientific, there’s a break-down of the dead material which enriches the soil.

Microbes, micro-organisms, and soil mineral exchange boost your patch of earth to a new growing level. One year I buried an animal in the compost area and the next batch of plants from that area was overwhelming! Take one walk through the forest right now, and there’s a lot of decay. Dead animals, goo-gobs of leaves, and huge fallen trees, these are fertilizers of the forest- natural organic soil enhancers. Can’t we learn from nature?

Finally, most first time cultivators of Marijuana (Medical) want to water and fertilize like crazy.

When you take this zeal to the garden, what you normally do is ruin your crop. Marijuana is a weed, and weeds as such come from a very organic background. Feed your soil and Marijuana will take from the soil, diminishing the chance that you “burn” or kill your plants with fertilizer. Growers need to get rid of the humongous bud mentality, and just think about the best growth environment for their plants. Dropping gallons of growth stuff around your plants is not the best growth environment for your “babies”. I’ve witnessed first hand what an organic garden can do for Medical Marijuana. Once you go organic, you won’t go back. Remember, grow American!


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      Pharma549 5 years ago

      Very nice site!

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      Pharma583 5 years ago

      Hello! fckddga interesting fckddga site! I'm really like it! Very, very fckddga good!

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      Cotton 7 years ago

      Its True !

      After many years I gave in to organic growing.. much better quality... and quality is better than gross weight....