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Three Things to Do Before You Sell Your Home

Updated on November 23, 2011

When it comes to selling your property you need to always try and make your house look as good as possible so you can sell it for as much as possible. While sometimes it is tempting to try and cut corners when you do this, spending a little extra time and money could end up increasing your homes value by thousands of dollars.

The Three Essentaial Things

There are Three absolutely essential things you must do before you try to sell your home, I will go over these in a little more detail shortly, but first let me summarize!

  • Give your home a deep clean!
  • Make the Garden look great!
  • Fix any problems!

These seem obvious, but you would be surprised how often they are not done, and how much value even a small problem can knock off the price of your home. Even if it is just replacing a door handle, or a small bit of re-painting, each issue could cost you more than three times the amount it would cost you to fix it before trying to sell.

Deep Clean Your House!

The first time I tried to deep clean a home myself I failed miserably. I missed the grease on teh oven, the dirt in the light fixtures. I thought I had deep cleaned, but it turned out I had barely cleaned at all.

The next time around I used an Austin residential cleaning service which not only helped clean my home, but also helped me understand that a deep clean was about much more than wiping down the furnature!

The good thing about making sure that your home is clean is that it not only makes your home look better for viewing, but it also satisfies the people who really will check every detail, every shelf for a lining of dust.

A bad impression left by a dirty house could cost you thousands of dollars.

Make the Garden Look Good!

First impressions are always important, and the garden is often the first thing that people see. Make sure that the garden looks open, inviting and well kept to make sure that the first impression people have of your home is one that could lead to a sale.

There are gardners who specialize in moving home gardening, as there are with deep cleaners however many more people decide to do this part themselves.

Fix the Little Things

When it comes to negotiating prices savvy home buyers will nail you with all the little things that need fixing. Broken light fixtures, creaking doors, chipped paint, even that shelf in the closet you never replaced. Every small thing a buyer finds will be brought up in the negotiation, and every time he gives you an estimate for the cost of repair, which will be highly infalted, you will be expected to knock that off the price of the house.

Make sure that anything that someone might want fixed is fixed before people view your home, it will save you a lot of cash in the long run.


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