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Three Tiers of Sleeper Sofas

Updated on June 10, 2014

Generally speaking, it is possible to categorize all sleeper sofas within one of three tiers. In order to make the best purchase, it is important to understand all three groups--and determine which is the best sleeper sofa to match your specific needs most appropriately.

1) Futons: Ranging from $200 - $600

Futons are generally distinguished by a thick foam mattress and the fact that they offer an upright seating position or a flat bed position. The disadvantage of this option, compared to your traditional sleeper sofa is that there is no dedicated mattress, therefore the sofa cushion must be built to serve multiple purposes and can never really be optimized for either. On a positive note, Futons are the least expensive sleeper sofa and can generally last a long time. Although they are not equipped with the comfort and support of an innerspring mattress, a futon can still provide a sound night's sleep on occasion.

2) Traditional Sleepers: Ranging from $750 - $2300

Traditional, or 'Classic Sleepers' from Sleepers In Seattle, have been around for many years and have undergone vast improvements from the days remembered sleeping over at Grandma’s house. The first major difference is that there is no longer a bar placed directly in your back, rather it is two feet lower and no longer impedes a good night’s sleep. Secondly, the mattresses available are no longer uncomfortable. Mattress are available at about 6” thick with a far better coil and support system than older versions. If you sleep on your sofa bed regularly, upgrades are available, including Sealy Posture-Pedic options, Air-Coil Mattresses, as well as a Latex or Memory Foam. Perhaps the best feature of the traditional or classic sleeper is that a consumer can choose from a vast array of manufacturers, styles, upholsteries, and mattresses available, all at an affordable price.


3) The Comfort Sleeper by American Leather: Starting at $2050

The American Leather Comfort Sleeper is the premiere sleeper sofa available. Coming standard with a high-density foam mattress on a solid wood platform, sleeping regularly on the Comfort Sleeper would closely rival the quality and comfort of a standard mattress and boxspring set. As the mechanism and bed do not contain any steel or springs, the overall life expectancy of the sleeper sofa is much longer as well. The latest model, the Generation III Comfort Sleeper, includes a softer, thicker mattress and a stain and water proof mattress protection system built on a spring-loaded, easy to open mechanism. Comfort Sleepers come in eight different sizes, including Queen Plus, two sectional styles, and even a King sleeper. Each style is available in both leather and fabric with the option of a Tempur-Pedic mattress upgrade.

So, which should I get??

When it becomes time to make your purchase, consider not only price but also comfort and frequency of use. Once you consider each of these factors and decide what the purpose of your sleeper sofa is, you may find the answer to your question. For additional info, check out Sleepers In Seattle's Sleeper Sofa Buying Guide. Whether you are looking to spend $500 or $5000, sleeper sofas are finally a viable option for a great nights’ sleep!


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    • SleepersInSeattle profile image

      SleepersInSeattle 6 years ago

      Thanks so much for your comment Deborah-Diane; we think so too!

    • Deborah-Diane profile image

      Deborah-Diane 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      Interesting information on the three general types of sleeper sofas!