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Transform Your Kitchen Into Your Favorite Café!

Updated on September 28, 2020
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Writer and Photographer - Life is there for experiencing, which I live each and every day to do!

Adding a splash of color will liven up your space!
Adding a splash of color will liven up your space! | Source

What if you could have your very own café?

Enjoy that café feel? Sitting at a little bistro table, sipping on a hot, sweet latte while you take the moment to enjoy and soak up the relaxing, simplicity of the moment. What a beautiful picture, right? Could you imagine waking up everyday to that picture that we just drew in our minds? You can create that feeling right in your very own home, with little effort and be able to roll out of bed and step into your very own, uniquely you, café, while still nestled into your robe and slippers to boot!

So what makes a café so relaxing and enjoyable? Is it the sights of a calming atmosphere or maybe it's the aroma of pastries, hot out of the oven. Add comfortable chair and a quaint little table, and of course, you can't forget a great cup of deep, rich, aromatic joe, steaming hot and right, nestled into the palm of your hand. Add a little back ground noise for ambiance and you are right there in the café of ahh...

Café are topped up with the key elements that keep drawing people back. They really are the package deal! But can we replicate the perfect café right from our very own kitchen? Draw our friends, family and neighbors to our 'custom cafe'? I think so! Just focus on the three primary elements of a café: The backdrop, the décor and the brew!

What do you think?

4.5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of How does your very own 'kitchen café' stack up?

#1: The backdrop...

So you walk in the door and bam! Your visual senses are awakened and brought to life. A step in the door finds calm lighting greeting you. Simple, yet outstanding décor invites you to take the next step further in, and what is it that you feel... well, you feel at home in a way, right?

Everything about the décor of a is strategic, warm and inviting. Calm and not over stimulating. You walk in through the doors and you feel as if you have just walked through the doors of your very own home away from home.

Your home already consists of everything that you require for a basic café starting point. There are walls on all sides and a roof overhead, right? How about a table and a chair or few? A coffee pot and a pair of mugs?. Then I think that we can all agree that your very own 'home café' is already off to a fantastic start! Now all you really need to do to take it from 'ah home' to 'ah home café' will be a couple finishing touches. The finishing touches do not have to break the bank, you may simply want to upgrade your coffee mugs (see, a very affordable upgrade!). Or go a little wild and find a true to the café table and chairs set! A few touches here, along with a thought there and it will all start to fall into place before you know it!

#2: The Décor

Bringing that bistro, or café feel right into you very own home is easy to accomplish! What sets a café apart from your very own kitchen? Not much in reality!

Classic Café Décor (often) Includes:

  • Simple, low and soft lighting -- lighting is a very important element in the overall appearance of décor, and should not be forgotten!
  • A deep, right back drop -- walls are often done in rich colors
  • Art that inspires your mind, while it calms your soul
  • A splash of intriguing or inspiring touches; be it candle sets, a soft arrangement of flowers or little carving or statues


Décor Design Tips

Tip #1: Mix and match different elements... Try adding candles that float in water or glass filled with rocks. May sound pretty basic and bland, but when you bring different elements together they are often very complimentary and will awaken your mind and open your internal senses just a little more!

Tip #2: Add scented candles into your space... They come in all sizes, colors and more importantly, they come in all scents! Bring the simple smell of an Apple Cinnamon candle or maybe try a Mocha scent -- hey go wild and grab a few scents! Different days call for different feels right?

Little ones just love coffee dates!


#3: The Brew: No café is complete without an awe inspiring cup of coffee. Cafe's will often unspoken hours researching, tasting and testing different coffees. They know that a bland coffee will not get the regulars through the doors after all. It is a science all of it's own.

Did you know though, restaurants and cafés all over the world can be found investing thousands of dollars into the perfect espresso machine that have their café standing out in a crowd, up and above the competition? Yes, espresso and latte machines can be found for less than a hundred dollars, but as café owners know - you get what you pay for! Really good machines that will create a deep, clean tasting cup of coffee, work fast and keep going year after year, can cost a small fortune! Did you know that a quality espresso machine can cost over ten-thousand dollars?! Ouch!! I'm guessing that is a pretty good reason as to why a really great latte will cost us around five bucks, or more!

Café Design Tip: Incorporate coffee beans right into your design theme! What says 'café' better then the visual of freshly roasted coffee beans? Not only will they add an air of the perfect café feel... But they will let off little traces of rich, deep aroma that is warm, comforting and oh so inviting!

Most Important Tip:

The most important piece of advice that I can share with you; is quite simple: Make this space your own. No matter what - give into the colors that speak to you. Add the touches that give you the special feeling that your deserve. My space - for example, is like talking a vacation in a Spanish villa filled with warm yellows and burnt oranges. It is, what some would call: slightly understated... and I couldn't be happier with the minimal glass embellishments that adorn the sill of my large window, the hundred year old wood side table and overdone light fixture. I am a minimalist -- the flare for my space is in the creative drink wear and elaborate paint, the quiet comfort it gives me and the relaxed zone to cozy up with a great book!

My home cafe most likely wouldn't be for many... but it is for me! What do you imagine your perfect space to look like?

What is the primary thing that draws you into a quaint café?

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Do you think a good quality espresso machine is a good investment?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Lou Cannon


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