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Tide Pods Review

Updated on March 1, 2013

I have recently opened up a new bag of Tide Pods. This is a rather expensive new product that I decided to try for my endless laundry loads. At first I was skeptical about whether or not Tide Pods would actually clean my clothing as well as the regular Tide Detergent and softener. However, after seeing my husband use these things over and over again I developed an optimistic outlook and decided to make a cautious investment. After all, how bad can this product be if it is made by such a reputable brand like Tide.

Well, my feelings about Tide Pods are mixed. First of all I have to say that you should be using twice the required amount of pods just to get things to be clean and to smell fresh. That is a terrible waste. However, I guess this is similar to any detergent and softener. Now once the laundry is done often times you will find residue or stains from the pods on your clothing. I actually had to get rid of a perfectly good blouse on account of this issue. Not cool at all!

The bright side is that these little pods are easy to use and convenient to carry. There are no spills and no heavy bottles to carry. You just pop two of them into a regular size laundry load and you are good to go. For the extra heavy load I usually use three pods. Make sure that you put them in first before you add the clothing. They melt by themselves and there is no work on your end that is required.

The pods do cost more than the regular detergent and softener. The pods include both items within them. The pods have a pretty plain scent. Nothing extra special. If you are a fan of scented softener, I guess the Tide Pods may not be for you.

Tide Pods tend to melt in your hands, so an extra expense would be the plastic bags I constantly carry into the Laundromat so I can bring the pods there safely.


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