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Tile Backsplash On A Budget

Updated on January 4, 2014


Even though they're a great way to protect and decorate your kitchen, a lot of people shy away from updating their kitchen backsplashes. Why? It's mainly because a lot of people think that it costs a lot to update that particular part of the kitchen. While some tile backsplash projects may cost a bit more than expected, in most cases, installation costs less than you'd expect – particularly if you’re willing to do it yourself.

Of course, you always have to have a plan when you're dealing with any home improvement project. In this short hub, we're going to take a look at how anyone can start using tile backsplash on a budget.


While most people avoid updating the smallest parts of their kitchen, those 'small parts' are often more essential than we think. Take the kitchen backsplash, for one. With a good plan and budget in mind, you can accomplish any tile backsplash project that you want to complete—for the better of your kitchen.

Before buying any materials or contracting any help, you need to have a budget. It's unavoidable. A budget can help stop you from spending too much (or even too little) on essential components of your project.

You will have to take many factors into consideration when planning a kitchen tile backsplash project, namely the width, length and layout of the area where you wish to install your backsplash. The more information you can extract from that area, the more accurate you will be able to make your budget. Additionally, take into account that you may need to account for specialty cuts of tiles. Home Depot offers this service free of charge!

Complex but unique home backsplash
Complex but unique home backsplash

Tile Selection

There are so many options for tile available on the market that you might feel overwhelmed when you see all of those options at first. Though, take a moment to breathe and look closer at the tile that you feel will be a great fit for your kitchen.

Ceramic tile is usually the most inexpensive tile, usually costing less than $4 per square foot in most places. Tiles made from granite, travertine or marble bring a classical look to your kitchen, though at a higher cost than ceramic tile.

Glass tile is arguably the most beautiful option out of aforementioned choices, mostly due to its translucent nature that allows light to reflect off its surface. As beautiful as glass tiles are, they also are more expensive than ceramic, so you will have to budget around them if you want glass tiles in your backsplash.

Tile backsplash from a DIY project
Tile backsplash from a DIY project

Material, Installation, and Cost

Besides the tile, you will also have to factor in the costs of essential equipment like trowels, thinset, grout and adhesives for the installation process. In some cases, you will need heavy duty equipment like a tile saw to cut tile pieces. Even though you will have to cover costs for this equipment, most projects will allow you to install the tiles yourself.

People who need assistance with their kitchen tile backsplash project, however, will need to contact a professional for help. Hiring professional assistance does cost more than handing the project on your own, so many experts do recommend keeping your backsplash design as simple as possible to keep costs conservative. Before hiring a contractor, it may be beneficial to take a look at a multitude of tile backsplash sites available on the internet, for both ideas and assistance.

As for the design, you can use practically any design that you like—and one that will best fit the overall look of your kitchen. The main thing you should watch out for is the cost of installing that layout. More complicated backsplash layouts naturally cost more than simpler designs. If you want to save money, stick with a simple design, though nothing's stopping you from getting a more intricate one if you have the budget! For those of you who intend to do it yourself, with a little bit of planning, there are wonderful mosaic designs that are feasibly done by yourself!


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