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How do You Manage Your Time?

Updated on August 18, 2014

Time Management

Manage Time

We all have trouble with managing our time, there never seems to be enough of it. I have spent a good deal of time researching and testing different ways to save time, manage time and make more time, here are a few tips that I find have been the most helpful to me.

#1. Focus. It is important to focus on what is the most important things in your life that need to be done. We spend so much time on things that are not important or necessary and everything else falls by the wayside, you get behind and you feel like a failure.

#2. Write it down! This tip has been the most useful to me, I always think that I will remember, but I never do unless I write it down. Grocery lists go on my refrigerator, I keep a to do list in my Day Planner or in my phone. I also keep a notebook with a list of things that pop into my head.

#3. I have a daily to do list, weekly to do list and a monthly to do list.The monthly list is just a general list of things that need done monthly like changing the filter in my heat pump. Every night I take a few minutes to make a to do list for the next day.

#4. I also have a daily schedule, I review my daily to do list and schedule a time to do them. DO NOT schedule to much at once you will get frustrated and give up.

#5. Deligate! It is impossible to do everything yourself and not go crazy or run yourself ragged, so decide what you can deligate to someone else and do so. Teach your children reponsibility by enlisting their help on a daily basis.

Velzipmur aka Shelly Wyatt

5 Time Making Tips

Tip #1 Reduce TV time, record shows and watch without commercials.

Tip #2 Take some time for yourself! It has been proven that if you take at least 5 minutes for yourself it will make you more productive.

Tip #3 Multi task, but don't over do it. For example I cook dinner while I return phone calls. organize a drawer while helping the kids do homework.

Tip #4 Stay focused on what you are doing now and you will finish your task quickly.

Tip # 5 I can't say this enough, make a list of things you NEED to get done that day; this will help you stay focused just by having it in writing

Time Management

© 2012 Shelly Wyatt


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