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Bathtub Cleaning Made Easy From Black Ring to Plastic Shampoo Bottle

Updated on May 28, 2012

Clean That Tub...

But Don't Knock Yourself Out.

I clean houses and apartments. Tubs are hard because you have to reach out a lot (they are big). The only thing I dislike more than the bathtub is a greasy oven.

Bathtubs, therefore, probably are not the worst things on earth to clean. However, your problems get worse due to exceptional factors such as when the tub is old, or you have gone far too long without a cleaning.

If the bathtub in question is made of white porcelain, or even if it's metal or some fiberglass or hard plastic, I'd say the best thing is to use one of the famous powdered cleansers such as Comet or Ajax, with a lot of water always mixed in, but not so much water that you completely dissolve all the cleanser. Make it slushy so the cleanser's abrasiveness can work for you.

Wash everywhere, especially the corners and the often amazingly high "ring" or rings (plural) around the tub. Use the rough side of one of those sponges that has a soft side and a hard plastic side for scrubbing. Be sure to keep the sponge soaked while you encounter the powdered cleanser you have sprinkled all around.

Then, when you finish washing everywhere, make sure to rinse away all the soap residue by filling and refilling again and again a big plastic cup or other container of water and pouring it all over the areas you cleaned, particularly the corners all around the tub.

While you are doing this, don't be afraid to throw a heavy splash of water into the upper corners against the walls, even though these places may be occupied by plastic shampoo bottles, soap dishes, and other unbreakable items. Knock them down into the tub and let the weight of the water splash away all hairs and residue that lurk in those corners. Of course, don't do this anywhere where the water will spill out onto the floor.

Rinsing is absolutely essential, so be generous with the water. Even turning on the shower is not enough in and of itself, because the shower won't hit all washable areas. You have to pour or throw the water yourself with your plastic cup, and be accurate without being reckless, or else you'll have a mess on the floor.

Residue of the powdered cleanser will accumulate usually down the center of the tub bottom on its way to the drain. Without enough careful rinsing, a ridge of cleanser will be left. You surely don't want to bathe in Ajax next time.

Now, if your tub is porcelain or any other material, and it's started to corrode into pock marks and various other little holes worn into the surface, you should still try the powdered cleanser approach, but if there is some black mold embedded deeply into the rough, worn-out areas, then you cautiously could try a small amount of bleach, but be very careful because it's dangerous. It could damage your eyes, and it will change the color of, and ruin, your clothes.

Of course rinse extra thoroughly again and again, because bleach is not good for our skin; it's poison and can be lethal.

After rinsing so much with water that you have reached an overkill level, it wouldn't hurt to use some paper towels to go over the entire area and find places, such as outside corners, that you did not scrub or rinse.

You can shine up the chrome handles and spouts very nicely with the same powdered cleanser and heavy rinse approach, but that's just icing on the cake, mostly for glamor effect. In all of this procedure, you should give your back and muscles a break as much as possible by either sitting on the edge of the tub or positioning yourself some other way so that you do not feel your back straining too much.

Move slowly so you won't pull a muscle. If, afterward, you feel lower back ache, you might try exaggerating the process of throwing your shoulders back, pretending you are trying to touch your two shoulder blades together behind you. Although this involves an upper back exercise, the amazing thing for me is that it consistently alleviates my lower back ache. Naturally, a doctor knows best, but I am just telling you what works for me as a house cleaner.

Don't underestimate house cleaning. I have played all kinds of sports and done a lot of strenuous exercises, including basic training in the military. House cleaning is one of the hardest physical things I've done in my life. But afterward, I feel great, just like after exercising. Plus the fact that it is psychologically great to see a clean home. Good luck with the tub.


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