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Tiny Apartment Decorating - Top Tips For Decorating

Updated on April 7, 2012

So you've got a small apartment and you are looking for tiny apartment decorating ideas. It's no big feat to achieve and it can be done even with a limited budget. Sometimes designs can be confusing, choice of colours can cause you to become indicisive, and arrangement of the various furnitures in the best way possible that will leave enough living space can be challenging as well. The truth is that they can all be done easily. Although some brain work might be required, it won't be long before you'll start enjoying your newly decorated apartment when you follow these tiny apartment decorating tips.

Maximize Space With The Furnitures

Whatever you do, always bear in mind that furniture take up more space than most home articles. Although, you can arrange them in a certain way to save space, you can't be sure if everything will turn out as expected. The best thing to do is to purchase furniture that can perform two or more functions. For example, you could purchase chairs that have space for storage which you can access by lifting the top. That way, you won't have to purchase a storage equipment along with a chair - both of which will use up more space than a single chair (e.g ottoman). In case you are wondering, that storage space in the chair can be used to store blankets, pillows, and other stuff.

Use Light Colours For Painting

The last thing you want to do is to make an already small apartment look smaller than it really is. And dark painting is the No. 1 culprit for making apartments look smaller. Need ideas? Why don't you try soothing pink, white, creamy colour, etc. All these are light colours that can make your small apartment look bigger. But if you prefer dark colours, you can use them if:

* You have a bigger apartment

* You want your apartment to look smaller - highly unlikely.

Let The Light In

One of the major disadvantages of having a tiny apartment is the limited source of natural light. It's not that the apartment is generally built that way, but the various items included in the apartment clogs up the light source. However, this can be modified. First, avoid using blinds and draperies if they are blocking daylight from entering. Another thing you should note is the use of thick fabric as curtains. The fact that this can block the light path is a no-brainer. Use thin fabric instead that is transparent enough. You can also use mirrors to reflect light around, especially if there aren't sufficient windows - by your own definition of sufficient relative to the size of your apartment of course.

Distinguish Different Parts If Necessary

This can be achieved with the use of dividers. Use slightly frosted thing glass if you just want to separate different parts from each other without making it feel like separate rooms. But if your aim is the opposite, wood is definitely the most effective.


Mimic How a Large Apartment Is Decorated

In large apartments, the room usually contains the dresser and the bed and other articles, the living room and the dining room contains... You know them all. Design your tiny apartment in the same way. Kitchen and dining equipments can be placed at the front end (you can call that your kitchen and dining area), the bed and dresser can go to the back end and the middle can be used as the living area (similar to a living room).

Try a Loft, Will You?

A loft is most useful and feasible to create when your apartment is tall enough (vertical height is being referenced here). Of course, stairs are absolutely necessary for a loft to be usable. Imagine how much space you could save by storing some of your properties up on the loft. You can use the loft for whatever you like, e.g study area, etc.


Tiny apartments can actually be comfortable to live in if you can decorate them appropriately. By the way, use furniture that have a reasonable space between them and the floor, i.e ones with longer legs. Also, store clutter (e.g old clothes, towels, etc) in containers such as wicker baskets. Using all these tips will make your tiny apartment look spacious and you'll enjoy it better :-).


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