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Managing Tiny Studio Apartment

Updated on July 22, 2014

Managing Space is a Challenge

The biggest challenge in decorating a small place is how we can utilize the limited space for maximum benefit. Take studio apartment for example. Despite its advantage, which is usually near the city and workplace, studio apartment can be easily cluttered if not managed correctly. Not only cluttered space, wrongly decorated room can also cause a mood swing. Inadequate light will affect your sleep and emotion, besides making your room appear gloomier too.

Cluttered Studio Apartment
Cluttered Studio Apartment | Source

Clear the Pathway

Your main living area is the heart of your space. You greet your guest there, and it is the direct reflection of the owner's personality. Having a messy living room could spoil your image. In studio apartment, however, the stake is bigger because all rooms that usually separated in a normal sized house are combined into one: bedroom, living room and kitchen. Poorly managed space will affect the pathway, make it more narrow and difficult to pass. You don't wanna bump into some furnitures every now and then, do you?

Do you have clear pathways in your studio?

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The flow of your place is important. It is like a street, where you need a clear pathways and defined traffic flow so even though the functionality of bedroom, kitchen, living room are stacked together, you can still feel the difference. So make sure you arrange your furniture accordingly.

Layout planning
Layout planning | Source

Furniture Placements

Your studio might be small, but you can arrange your furniture into smaller groups sorted by functions. For example, in order to give the image of reading area, you'll need to group a chair, book shelf, lamp, and a rug. Same trick can also be used if you want to make a study area, dining, and so on. This will make some sort of imaginary wall that would create boundaries between areas in your small studio, while still keeping the space open and airy.

Opt for Flexibility

If you can find furniture which have more than one function, do not hesitate to invest. Sofa bed, for example, can save a great deal of space in your small studio. Or seating cubes that double as storage box. One of the disadvantages in studio apartment is the lack of storage. When you live in a limited space, even your choice of furnishings can give you a great help to store your belongings.

Living cube - space saving and efficient
Living cube - space saving and efficient | Source

Few Tips

  • Choose simple shape
  • Plain color
  • Good concealer
  • Flexible

Storage Wall

Yes, you saw it right: storage wall. Again, the common problem each studio apartment owners' has is the short of storage. However, since we are talking about tiny space here, finding the right storage can be tricky. Not only you have to design it as simple and less room-consuming as possible, it also has to conceal your belongings well. Considering that some of your stuffs are private. Below is a good idea to implement shelves that can be placed in the wall:

Good example of wall storage
Good example of wall storage | Source

Studio Decorating Ideas

Be Comfy

In the end, what matters is how you can enjoy living in your apartment. No matter how small, as long as you are comfortable, then you are all set! For more ideas, check out the videos on the right.


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