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Tiny House Big Living

Updated on December 26, 2011

Tiny Homes

Tiny Home Living

So what exactly is a tiny home? For the purpose of this Hub a tiny home is any home that is under about 400 square feet and down to some that are even like the Tumbleweed XS that is 65 square feet. That is a tiny home. Now you think 400 square feet that is about the size of your first apartment in college. That was small right, but remember how much your electric and water bill was for that small place. Small homes use very little energy and tiny houses like that Tumbleweed use way less. Not to mention the savings in cost for stuff to fill them up. Because in small houses storage is at a minimum you only store what you really will use in the future and get rid of the rest or don't buy it in the first place. Look at your current home how much stuff is just sitting in the attic or the garage can you even get your car in there? In tiny homes there is not really that option so you can't just buy things that you will never use.

Small Home or Tiny Home Consideration

Tiny homes are not for everyone. how do you know if it's for you? Well, you could try out living in a small home or a tiny home. How, simply by renting a small RV or travel trailer for about a month or two if you can last that long maybe it's for you. I don't mean just living in a tiny home but truly enjoying your life.

Big Living

The title of this hub is Tiny House Big Living, this is where the big living comes in. If you've tried living in the small travel trailer and enjoyed it. I don't mean just survived but truly enjoyed it then you are ready for your small house or tiny house. The Big Living part is that when you look at your monthly budget, you have one of those right see how much you spend on housing? Thats mortgage taxes insurance etc. or rent if you rent. Chances are that is well over a thousand dollars a month. Imagine what it might be in one of these tiny houses or small homes. If you bought the materials and plans and built the Tumbleweed XS it would cost 16000 dollars or you can buy it ready made for around 38000 dollars. That's less than some peoples car note. But, that's not all look at that gas bill and that electric bill. Imagine if those were twenty percent of what they are now or less. Now you've seen how much money you can save what about time? Think about your hobbies. What is yours. How much more time could you devote to it if you weren't spending all that time cleaning your 2000 square foot home or only had to clean a 100 to 400 square foot home?

Tiny House Pics

Who Buys Tiny Houses

Who Buys Tiny Homes

All kinds of people that's who. From students looking for a cheap place to live to adults who want to get out of the rat race and stop just working to support their home and start working to live a nice life. Then there are people who add a tiny home to their current backyard to use as a guest suite for when they have visitors come over to stay. Some tiny homes are mounted on trailer chassis and are transportable and people buy them in lieu of an RV and stay in a mobile home park or travel around the country in their tiny home. So, as you can see all types of people buy tiny homes for a lot of different reasons.

Two Ways To Get A Tiny or Small Home

There are two ways to get a tiny or small house. You can purchase it ready made or you can buy plans and build it yourself.

Tiny House Purchase

To purchase a tiny house you can go to a company such as one of the better known ones Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and purchase a ready made tiny house. Right now you can purchase the 102 square foot Tumbleweed Weebee for 49000 dollars ready made. That is a good option for people who are not good at building things or are just want their house now.

Tiny House building

Building a tiny house is exactly that you get your either purchase them online from a place like Tumbleweed Tiny House Company for instance you can purchase the plans for the 102 square foot Weebee tiny house for 859 dollars and build it yourself or you could hire a contractor to come to your place and build it for you, however that would raise the cost of the home  and the Tumbleweed company estimates you can build that project for 21000 dollars. Another option for you is there are several places online where you can find free tiny house plans online. Also look for free small house plans, pick the ones you want and mix and match the plans till you get what you want on your plans as many are interchangeable. Just remember that to be transportable they have to be in the tiny house category so they will fit on a trailer for transport.

Tiny House Living

Tiny House Books and Designs

Final Thoughts On Tiny Houses

Tiny House Final Thoughts

The main thing if your considering a tiny home or a small home is to read some of the books and watch the videos to get a better idea of peoples experiences. But, to really experience it for yourself you need to try it by doing it yourself. Living in the RV for a couple of months to me is a good approximation of living in a tiny house. Give it a try. Good Luck.

Still Considering Living In a Tiny House

     Well, after the books and the videos and the online research and trying it out if your still considering it and you live in California why don't you go on a weekend trip and check out the open house. On the second Saturday of each month Jay Shafer's personal home is open he is the owner of Tumbleweed Tiny Homes. So spend a weekend in the wine country and stop by Sebastopol and go to the open house.


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    • JustMike profile image

      JustMike 4 years ago

      Pamela that would be a great idea. It would come at a time when your family was downsizing anyway you may as well downsize the upkeep and maintenance costs of your home. One thing nice in your situation is you have a normal house sitting there you could try out the tiny house for a couple of weeks just to see how it goes and if tiny house living is for you great if not you can go home. Good luck to you and congratulations on getting your children onto the next step in life.

    • PamelaTroester profile image

      Pamela Troester 4 years ago from Austin, TX

      As our kids get older and leave one by one we're seriously contemplating a tiny home. I tend to lean toward a tiny home on wheels for added mobility. Thanks for the hub!

    • JustMike profile image

      JustMike 5 years ago

      Sometimes the permitting departments look at these issues not as a land use issue but as a this is how we've always done it type of thing. Their fear is they don't want something just thrown together in the middle of their city that doesnt fit in. Sometimes simply purchasing professionally made plans or using an architect that who works with the city regularly can get your plans approved. Another way to go about it might be to contact the owners of the tiny house blogs and see how they overcame this issue. Good luck to you.

    • Availiasvision profile image

      Jennifer Arnett 5 years ago from California

      I've been seriously wanting one for a couple of years now but can't seem to find anywhere that allows the building of one. I don't really want to change cities. Looking for a studio apartment until I can build a tiny house. I love the ones made out of a shipping container.

    • JustMike profile image

      JustMike 5 years ago

      Wow you really have lived in a lot of different types of small spaces. I bet you have some good stories and ideas for anyone considering living in a small space. I really agree with what you said about giving up that huge house payment to live your life.

    • MichelleRobert profile image

      Michelle Robert 5 years ago from Down by the River

      I have lived in a variety of small spaces and loved it. I spent 6 months with my fiance on a cruise ship in a cabin that was 10 ft. x 20 ft as well as a small FEMA trailer. I bought my first small house in 2009. It is an 8 ft. x 24 ft. wood frame house.

      I love the fact that you can save so much money by living in a small house. It gives you so much freedom to do the things that you love to do, rather than working to pay off a big house.

    • JustMike profile image

      JustMike 7 years ago

      I agree thank you for the comment. I don't know if we can all fit our lifestyle into that small a space but I know we could all go smaller than we are.

    • jwmurph profile image

      jwmurph 7 years ago from Tennessee

      Thank you for this hub. Bigger is not always better.