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Tips And Hints In And Around The Home

Updated on June 23, 2017

Room Fragrances


What a new way to enjoy housework!

Nothing like fresh air to dry the washing and not a tumble dryer in some hot musty basement laundry room.

Washing line with a view!

Nice to have fresh air and space around the washing line.
Nice to have fresh air and space around the washing line.

Prefer Potpourri To Room Sprays

Enjoy organic fresheners. Aerosols can be harmful to the environment.

Potpourri Is So Natural As A Room Freshner

Back to nature it is!
Back to nature it is!

Tips For Garden And Home

  • Place some sprigs of lavender from your garden between your linen for a fresh scent.
  • If you have plenty of lavender dry it and make your own sachets, complete with your own art, on the front of your envelope.
  • Plant rosemary and lavender near your rose bushes, to keep the bugs at bay.
  • If you are leaving on holiday you can place your pot plants on newspaper in your bath tub and wet it thoroughly. The plants should absorb the water and keep from drying out, until you get back home.
  • Wipe house plant leaves with a dab of milk, to keep them shiny and green.
  • I found out the other day that old tea bags are beneficial for the soil and deter some worms from eating your tomato plants in your vegetable garden.

Good And Fresh And Clean..tra-la-la!

Keeping a fresh outlook on life is also a challenge!

Fresh And Clean Spaces For The Home Environment

Fresh clean space to enjoy the family and friends
Fresh clean space to enjoy the family and friends

Useful Items For Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning Aids
Cleaning Aids | Source

General Cleaning Tips

  • Add some vinegar to your final rinse when washing your drinking glasses, for a great shine.
  • Clean your windows using newspaper and not a cloth.
  • Bicarbonate of soda is an amazing cheap cleaning additive to your water when cleaning floors and counter tops.
  • Add a tablespoon or two of bicarb to help your washing powder do a good job in your machine.
  • Add some lemon essential oil to water and spray into the air to freshen your kitchen after cooking.
  • Lemon juice is always good in the final rinse of all your glassware.

Time To Spring Clean.

Creating A Clean Space For Your Family And Friends!
Creating A Clean Space For Your Family And Friends! | Source

Window View

Home Cleaning Day


Other Ideas

  • Sprinkle some granular sugar on the inside at the base of a tin to keep biscuits fresh.
  • Coffee and sugar make a wonderful face scrub.
  • Coconut oil and sugar also make a lovely body scrub for dry skin.
  • Keep day old bread in freezer and make bread crumbs in the oven when baking. Good to have them ready for coating chicken pieces or a crumble for a savoury pie.
  • Rosemary and mint can be frozen in ice cubes in the freezer to keep them fresh, ready to use in a jiffy.

Delicious Oranges

Sliced orange in water.
Sliced orange in water.

A Slice Of Orange Or Lemon

  • Oranges or lemons sliced and placed in a tumbler on a bed of ice and filled to the top with water, is a refreshing summer drink, that is so thirst quenching. Add a sprig of fresh mint for extra colour and flavour.
  • A quick dessert idea is to cut bananas into slices and freeze. When frozen you can put them in a blender, add a little icing sugar or flavour with vanilla or caramel essence. You will have an instant sorbet.

A Pot Plant Idea

Arrange A Colourful Mix Of Plants In Your Patio Pot

  • As you can see from this photo of mine, there are a few different flower plants in this garden pot .
  • A pot with a difference / grow some ornamental vegetables and herbs. Remember to drain well by making sure there are enough holes at the bottom of the container.

More To Vegetables Than Meets The Eye

  • Enjoy your own home grown veggies for salads and stews.
  • Take a photo of them and make a poster for your kitchen wall.
  • A basket of vegetables from your garden makes a wonderful gift.

A Fresh Bowl Of Apples

Apples are a must as a part of a healthy diet.
Apples are a must as a part of a healthy diet. | Source

Apple A Day......!

A bowl of fresh apples also gives your room fresh colour and sweetens the air!

Create Your Own Pizza Toppings Straight From The Garden

Creative pizza topping.
Creative pizza topping. | Source

Freeze Your Leftovers For A Quick Meal

  • Keep your little leftover sauces and stews for making pasta dishes at a moments notice.
  • Add a quick pastry to your chicken leftovers and a few other ingredients such as mushrooms and frozen veg. You can rustle this up for any unexpected guests.
  • Gravy also freezes well.

A Book To Inspire You In Your Quest For A Fresh And Clean Home!

This book shows you how to clean and de clutter your home fast and also how to make the process feel less like a tiresome chore.

In addition to learning how to de clutter, you'll find spring cleaning tips and techniques for your annual spring clean as well as some general ideas for maintaining a fresh clean house.


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