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Tips For Making a Room Look Great With Paint

Updated on January 25, 2011

You can make a room look great with a touch of new paint. Whether you simple refresh the old colors or go with a whole new change, paint is often the answer. You will find that it is easy to make changes with your paint and the results are more than worth the cost of paint.


There are three different paint finishes and choosing the one perfect for your job is very important. The type of job it is will often make one paint finish stand out above the rest. Choosing the right finish is very important to making sure that the job looks great and meets the needs of the space.

  • Gloss. This finish is sometimes called high gloss, gloss, or shine. No matter what name it has it finishes with a lot of shine. This can be overwhelming in some spaces, but it is commonly used where a lot of cleaning will be needed because it cleans better than the other finishes. This paint also tends to shine so much that the finished color doesn’t look the color you chose. Still you may want to use it in kids’ rooms, play rooms, kitchens, and other areas that may get cleaned more often.
  • Semi-Gloss. Often semi-gloss is a great place to start. This is recommended for most indoor jobs because it has enough shine to be fairly easy to clean, maintains its color, and has a great looking finish.
  • Matte. Matte paint is also called flat paint by some companies. It does have its place in a home that doesn’t get as dirty. Avoid it if you have kids or pets because it is likely to cause nightmares. It just doesn’t clean well at all. However, it does have a great feel and can add a lot of visual interest to a space.

Choosing The Perfect Color

Once you have made a great choice about the finish you are going to use to make your room look great with paint you will want to choose a color. This is really up to you, but there are some general tips that work better for most people. The answer is often to go by the size of the room and the feel you desire to achieve.

  • Small Rooms. Often it is a good idea to stick with light colors and simple color pallets to decorate small rooms.
  • Large Rooms. You can choose to get darker, bolder, and brighter with large rooms. Another great option is to have an accent wall or focus wall that is darker, brighter, or a different shade than the rest of the room.
  • Open Floor Plans. Sticking with a color pallet of two or three colors in the entire space will keep things flowing and give the space unity. However, you can choose to mix up where each color in the color pallet is used when it comes to the walls to give you a little variety.
  • Blue. Blue is relaxing and often used to calm a space. You can use it in your bedroom for a peaceful harmonious space or you can use it in the dinning room to slow down your eating.
  • Green. Life is usually in the color green and you can bring a warm and inviting look to any room with the color green, especially the lighter shades.
  • Red. Some say red will make you aggressive and feel angry all the time. However, when used in small amounts in a room it can be dramatic and exciting.

Final Tips

You need to make sure that you take your time painting your room. A good paint job is not about the tools you paid for to get the job done, but about taking a little time to make sure it is done right. You will want decent tools, but you don’t need fancy sprayers, edgers, or such. Just get a good brush, some painters tape, a roller, and a paint pan and you will be well on your way.

Paint is the perfect solution for a better room. Whether you just want a fresh feel, are looking for something that fits the space better, or are adding a great new look you are sure to be pleased. Paint has so much to offer!


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  • Seeker7 profile image

    Helen Murphy Howell 7 years ago from Fife, Scotland


    Great hub and really useful for me as I'm about to decorate on my own for the first time. Many thanks!

  • vocalcoach profile image

    Audrey Hunt 7 years ago from Nashville Tn.

    Some very useful tips! Thanks so much, :)