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Tips On Caring For Carpet Roses

Updated on September 29, 2008

Carpet roses are very easy to take care of.They virtually take care of themselves under a variety of conditions.Even so,there are a few things that would make caring for them even easier.

Carpet roses stop blooming when the weather begins to turn cold,but there isn't any special treatment that you need to go through during the wintertime.In late fall,try putting a layer of leaves or mulch around the plants.This will keep them insulated from changing weather.

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You should only apply fertilizer on carpet roses during the spring.This strengthens new leaves and promotes the production of more buds.You shouldn't attempt to put fertilizer on carpet roses in the fall.This will produce more foliage during the cold season and it will hard for it to thrive.

Although carpet roses can grow in partial shade,its best to plant them in the full sun.If you are growing them in partial shade,you will have to feed them more to make up for the lack of sunlight.If you live in an area where the heat is too intense,you should make sure the carpet rose has some shade.

Carpet roses should be planted in areas where the soil drains well.If they are allowed to sit in waterlogged soil,they will begin to rot.If water puddles are still around five hours after a rain fall,you will have to amend the soil before planting the carpet roses.You could add compost or decomposed to the soil to fix this problem.Also,the soil should have pH of 5.5 to 6.6.

Healthy carpet roses are normally resistant to insects.If not cared for properly,they will be attacked by beetles and aphids.If this occurs,use insecticidal soap on the plants.

Carpet roses don't need fancy pruning.But you could trim to shape them anytime.If you wish to prune them,you should cut the canes down to ten inches.This should be done every year in early spring or late winter.

The soil of which you are planning to plant your carpet rose should have a good balance of organic and inorganic materials.Inorganic material includes sand,silt,and clay.Loam is the mixture of sand,silt,and clay that is about the same amount.The proportions must be equal,otherwise the air circulation and the ability to retain moisture in the soil can be affected.Drainage,along with air circulation,are critical.Air can't move as freely in soil,but the roots of plants require oxygen so they can properly absorb the nutrients and water.You must make sure the loam is as balanced as possible and not packed too tight so the air can reach the plant,providing them with all the oxygen required to grow and thrive.

Dead organic matter may be important as well since it decomposes,thus releasing important nutrients into the soil.Always make sure you are replenishing this dead organic material into the soil and that it's always decaying.


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