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Tips To Avoid Mortgage Shopping Mistakes

Updated on May 30, 2016

this would be difficult. In order to avoid any unexpected mistakes, below are some common mistakes of borrower and some tips advised by experienced advisors.

1. Do not check the credit account when starting the process

You should check whether or not your credit is compatible to the criteria set by lenders. If you have little idea about the situation of your credit card is, you will lose all credibility from the mortgage lenders. You have to be aware that they will check your financial evidence as carefully as the interviewer checking your manner before an interview. Based on your credit report, they will decide whether or not they offer a loan. There are a couple of advice for you. Firstly, you should check your credit well before you have tendency to meet lenders, or improve your rating if necessary and remove all errors on the report. Secondly, it is better if you get a credit report from these three bureaus : Experian, Equifax and TransUnion every year. Then, you should check thoroughly that statement to make sure that all transactions are all yours or to avoid any mistakes in late payment if any.

2. Apply for a new credit periodically

Once you are using your credit to buy a mortgage, your credibility score will increase dramatically under the deep credit scrutiny. This is the same when you suddenly close your credit which will lower of credit amount. The advice is when you apply for a mortgage loan, please cease all other activities such as applying for a ca loan. You do not open any new lines of your credit or close any lines either. Your task is take proper action on your current credit: make on-time payments and erase any debts or errors.

3. Choosing one lender without shopping around

People may make a mistake of choosing a lender at the early stage of looking for a dream house. The lenders may be your acquaintances, friends, introduction of your relationships, etc. The reason is that you may think working with those acquaintances can be more reliable and taking less time. By doing this, you are doing wrong in the process of selecting suppliers. We all have rights to choose the best among hundreds of good suppliers out there. The basic article such as interest rates or loan terms are mostly the same across different mortgage lenders. However, you should pay attention to the costs and fees the lender may charge you. Attorney’s fee, document preparation fee is varied among lenders. So you should pay special attention to this article before deciding to select one mortgage lender.

4. Sign a loan contract with many details you do not understand

People may think all mortgage contracts are the same as contracts follow one sample across the customers. Even people find something hard to understand, they do not give enough questions to clarify it but simply accept the vague explanations from the mortgage lenders. Buying a home is not as simple as going to a store purchasing a sofa. Everything written on paper is important and dangerous sometimes. An important detail on the contract is article related to the interest rates. Will they use a fixed rate during the contract term or become variable after a period of the fixed rate? It is the story of how much you have to pay throughout the loan’s life and how much installments you have to pay? In case the interest changes, you installments will change accordingly. Estimation of your payment will help you control your financial plan better. The last tip is paying attention to any kinds of costs, some lenders require you to pay property taxes or insurance.


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