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Tips for Purchasing Curtain Rods

Updated on January 14, 2011

The right window treatments used in a room are able to complement the entire room. Most people focus all of their attention on choosing and purchasing the right draperies. However, if you want to have a perfectly decorated window, then you should consider the curtain rods available and which one is the best for your home.

Most people do not realize that curtain rods are very important; in fact they can make or break your design. It is a misconception to think that it does not matter which is used. Some people feel this way because they think that if it’s mostly hidden from view, then it does not matter which one is used. In most cases the end caps are able to be seen and therefore, must be taken into consideration. Here are a few simple tips to help you choose which is best for your window.

The first thing to consider is the rooms existing theme. Since you want it to complement the look of your room you should purchase one that matches this theme. Curtain rails that appear to be sleek with clean lines are a good choice for a room with a modern or contemporary theme. One with simple end caps is the best for this type of theme.

If your room is more traditional or classic then you may want to choose a wooden pole or even a one with a copper tone. Fancy end caps will complement the room nicely. Sculpted end caps are available and you may want these to be used since they are always visible. Many people do notice the end caps and sculpted ones are able to offer an attractive and artistic look to the room.

Curtain poles are available in different finishes. It is important to choose one that has the right finish and that will complement the room and the draperies that will be hung. Some of the finishes include white, black, silver, gold, chrome, grey, other metallic finishes, and even wooden curtain rods.

One of the last things to consider is the weight of the curtains that will be hung. If you have heavy draperies then you will not want to purchase a thin pole that is intended for sheer drapes. Make sure that you choose a thick pole to hold your heavy drapes, or on the other hand, a lightweight pole to hold your light drapes. Double drapery rods are also available and are able to hang both weights of drapes.

Knowing which rod you will use for your window treatments is the first step to having an attractive window. With these few simple steps you are sure to put together a window setting that your friends will admire.


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