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Home Gardening - Complete Tips for Building Beautiful Landscape

Updated on April 11, 2010

Landscaping: Better Homes and Gardens

Even if it is a small space, one can do landscaping in accordance to the design & structure of the home . When you built a new home the soil, plants, animals, trees are all subject to reshifting. By landscaping, it means re-mingling the surroundings of the house back with the nature. Non-availability of land space is not a hindrance for this. Therefore a lot of different styles of landscaping styles are available for home with less space.

Landscaping  At a glance

Landscaping which matches the elevation of the home . This will nullify the discrepancies in the elevation. Good landscaping will help in making the space around the home look bigger. The drainage should be built properly. The plants that we select should be done so according to the amount of sunlight. It is not necessary to have a lawn to increase the beauty of landscaping. We can use pebbles or small stones. If necessary we have to level the area.

When to Start Landscaping ?

At which stage of construction of the house should we think of landscaping, is a doubt that many people have. There are three steps to be done for landscaping.

  1. From the time we buy a piece of land & build the compound wall itself, we should have a clear idea of the landscaping we require. Remember that the compound wall is also a part of landscaping. According to the wish of the house owner, the compound wall can be built with privacy from the road or otherwise. Walls can be designed with different designs & can be made in such a way so as to give a look of increased space.
  2. Next we should think about landscaping when we decide the position of the house. If we are deciding to do a landscaping, then we should leave some space in front of the house. After that the word landscaping itself can be forgotten for some time.
  3. After we finish the last finishes of the house & the interiors only, do we have to think deeply about landscaping.

Clear Idea of Landscaping Requirements

According to the requirements of the residents of the house, we can design the garden in many ways. The garden for those who wish to walk through trees & for those who want to increase the attraction of the house should not be the same. There will be those who will want to have a play area in the garden for their children. There will be those who will want to have a water body in the garden. There will be those who want to have tea & a place to sit & talk in their garden. All these ideas should be conveyed to the landscaping consultant well in advance.

Landscaping Trends

  • Sustainability is the basis of landscape design now. Landscaping has become the best area to bring green architecture into being.’ Energy efficient scape’ is the trend now.
  • Landscape’ means ‘ living space’ nowadays.
  • Mobile phone, internet has changed the general trend. This has influenced the landscape design trend also.
  • In many foreign countries, the service of a landscape architect is necessary for house construction.
  • There are many foreign agencies that landscape a large area within one or two days. They will even plant medium sized trees.

International landscaping trends. Also some ways to make your house beautiful.

  1. The landscaping of our house should never have a artificial look. The landscaping of our house should not be like that of a hotel or a resort. You should make it clear to the landscape architect about the trees, plants & design we prefer.
  2. The landscaping should be according to our culture, life style etc. We should think twice before going after gardens like Japanese Zen garden & Chinese garden in the name of fashion.
  3. For landscaping natural shapes, twists & turns are more apt.’ Geometrical pattern’ should be avoided as much as possible. The design which goes well with nature is the best.
  4. By increasing the type of plants of a particular type will result in the loss of naturality to the landscape.’ Three of one type’ kind of ‘grouping theory’ can be followed. The no: of trees should be controlled according to the size of the plot.
  5. Landscape means not only lawn & trees. Small rocks, pebbles, pond etc can be made a part of the landscape. We can modify these which are already available in the plot or plant new ones also.
  6. Hands cape (permanent walk way) need not necessarily have tiles. We can use rock pieces to make beautiful walkways.
  7. The final aim of landscaping is to connect the house with nature. Outdoor living space is what is needed. It is not just a place to enjoy the breeze. We can modify the area according to one’s taste like private area, workplace etc.

International Landscape architect

A post graduate degree in landscape architecture from the British Columbia University in Canada. He/she is capable of leading many landscaping projects in Canada & European countries.

No need of copying styles in landscaping

By copying the landscaping of another house, it will never become nice. Especially when one does landscaping in a small space. Be careful while selecting the landscaping type. The layout of the plot where the house is constructed, elevation of the house, the interests of the residents of the house are the three things we should be careful about while landscaping. Therefore copying styles from other houses will be a total failure.

We should select plants according to our own style. Also there are plants which need good care. Those who can spend enough time looking after these plants need only select such plants. Flowering plants should be kept in those places only where we receive a lot of sunlight. Avoid selecting large trees in small spaces. To get the spacious look, we can keep lawn or pebbles & keep plants in pots. There should not be overcrowding of plants.


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi H P Roy and daisy,

      Gardening not only gives pleasure but can also be used as a tool to prevent children from going to any other distractions. It's a wonderful hobby.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Landscape gardening is a wonderful project for a house owner to get pleasure on seeing the growth in front.