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Tips for hiring a HVAC Contractor

Updated on July 17, 2014

1. When hiring an HVAC contractor ask friends and neighbors which contractor they used . This will help you avoid bad contractors and point you towards the best ones.

2. Before hiring make sure the contractor you use has the proper licenses to do the work. In addition confirm that they have liability insurance. Also keep in mind contractors can also have special certifications such as NATE (North American Technician Excellence ) which give them specialized training and testing.

3. Prepare a list of questions for the contractor specific to the job you want done. For example, if your air conditioner is freezing up too much, decide which appropriate questions you want answered.

4. Call the contractor and confirm what size projects they take on. Also confirm,that they actually have time to do it and a start date.

5.Don't just hire over the phone. Meet them before hiring an HVAC contractor. You may be seeing a lot of this person if you have a large project. It helps no matter how well they work if you actually like them and get along.

6. Get all the terms in writing. Ask for all details of the work to be done, how long it will take, materials, costs and if clean up is included.

7. Consider the seasons when hiring an HVAC contractor. If you for example, need a new furnace or repair waiting until winter could be a mistake as the contractor may be too busy doing emergency repairs for those whose heat has quit working.

8. Ask the contractor for a list of references from previous customers.

9. If you intend to use a tax credit for installing better energy efficient products as the contractor for an MCS (Manufacture's Certification Statement)


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