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DIY how to be Handyman, Replace or Repair Gutters

Updated on September 12, 2013

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Gutter Problems

Help with those pesky gutters

There is nothing worse than gutters overflowing, when you are all dressed up to go out and the car is down the other end of the driveway. This will not help at that moment, although in the days to come you could fix this problem yourself with a little help.

Replacing an existing gutter

We will deal with replacing an existing gutter first. Before you start, remember to think and work safely. Climb the ladder and remove the old guttering. Measure each length you are going to replace. Make a copy of the profile of the guttering, by tracing it onto a piece of paper. Count the drops, which is the part where the water runs down the pipes into the ground. Buy the new guttering and downpipes all with the same matching profiles.

Do the same for each piece you have to replace.

The tools required to do this are:

  • ladder
  • hammer
  • pop rivet gun and rivets
  • metal cutters
  • sealant
  • drill with a metal hole cutter
  • Tapemeasure

Keep in mind; you may need to have the guttering and downpipes delivered, if you do not have a suitable vehicle to carry them.

Now cut the guttering to size, measure where you need to cut the hole for the down pipe using the hole cutter. Fit the down pipe in the same as the one you took out, by pop riveting it into place. Seal the edges with a quality sealant. Now fit the end pieces in and seal so the water will not leak out.

It would be preferable to have someone help you. If not you will need to place the gutter back in the same position as before. Fix the hangers back to hold the gutter in place. Do the same for the other sections. Test that the water runs off into the downpipes by putting the hose at the closed end and watch it run down the pipes.

That is it you have now learned how to replace the guttering. It would be easier if you had someone helping you that is for sure. If you are installing a new gutter, still follow the same procedure. Except now, you need to do the measuring yourself and work out the best way to organize it so the water will flow to the new downpipes. Also, work out where to put the holes for the downpipes. Otherwise it is much the same.

If you follow these simple steps, you will not have any problems replacing an existing gutter. Now all you have to do is paint it to match the rest, if you could not match the color.

If starting from scratch, keep in mind that there are many different type profiles for these gutters and down pipes.

Blocked Sink or Toilet

If you have this problem, then do not call the plumber you may be able to fix it your self

How to fix Household Plumbing Problems



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    • Morris Streak profile image

      Morris Streak 8 years ago from UK

      Fixing up one's home is really the duty of the home owner. I find it a bit odd that so many home owners feel like an alien to the concept and experience of fixing up their homes when something breaks. And everything breaks down eventually. Imagine the savings, one could always preach, if one learned to handyman these things. But sadly not many have the knack for it.