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Tips of How to Make Memories with Your Bouquet

Updated on November 2, 2013

Getting a flower arrangement from your acquaintances and spouse is always a nice surprise. However, cut flowers commonly do not keep for a long time. There are techniques you can use to have your fresh flowers live for more time, but once they have dried up they normally don't have a purpose any longer. If you can conjure the resourceful part of your personality there may be various fun things you can do with your flowers to keep them for the rest of your life. This is just as nice of a touchable memoir to have around as photos are, specifically for the passionate type of individual. This might also be a good activity to have your children into as they will be able to design great gifts to give to your friends and family.

Drying your fresh bouquet is the first thing you should learn if you would like to have them long-term. This can be quite difficult if you are an amateur to the art of preserving flowers, because of the weakness of the flower. First you should know what you are going to be doing with the preserved flowers. After that you can choose the method of drying that is best suited to the project. Also, it is better if the drying procedure is started when they still look good. If you plan to show them in their true form then drying by air is the best bet. If you will be incorporating them in a craft project like a memory book or note then pressing the flowers will certainly work best.

To air dry your fresh flowers you need to get them sorted out. You need to put them into bunches and rubber band them if they aren't too heavy. If they happen to be heavy then you will need to dry them separately or they might break. Make sure to bunch them together very tight since when they dry they tend to get smaller, because of the loss of water. Next, you will pick a area or room without light to put them in and ensure that the location you choose is also dry and warm. Additionally, it is best to have good ventilation where they are going to be. Now attach them upside down and look at them in a couple of weeks. They should be dried completely before they move. So, if you check them and aren't positive if they are dry completely then leave them and come back to check on them in a couple days.

If you want to press your flowers for memory books and other memoirs it isn't all that hard. When it you press flowers it's good to have flowers that are neither too bulky nor too thin. You will need an item that is a little heavy like a book, a phone book or encyclopedia will work well for this. You are going to also use some tissue paper and, as expected, the flowers of your liking. The tissue paper helps to extract the moisture that is in the flowers so that they will dry properly. First grab your flower and put the tissue paper on each side of it. Then you place them in the middle of the books you have chosen. This method will take about 2 weeks, however it will be a good use of your time when you see the finished work. After 1 week you need to change out the tissue paper.

These happen to be a couple of the easiest methods of drying flowers that are available to everyone. But if you prefere to send fresh flowers, you can do it from here: Austin florist. There is also the option of freeze drying or sometimes using the microwave. Nevertheless, freeze drying is very difficult and needs high priced equipment. The microwave isn't expensive and can even make more beautiful shades, but this will take more knowledge through hit and miss. On the whole, the art of drying flowers is a exciting and enjoyable way to have your flowers for a long time and even for the rest of your life if you incorporate them into other projects.

There are numerous methods to dry your flowers and maintain their beauty for a long time. Dried flowers go well in arts and crafts and perhaps just as decorations for around your room. It is enjoyable to take part in for all ages and not difficult to learn.


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