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Tips on Childproofing Your Long Distance Move

Updated on May 18, 2015

Long distance moving can be challenging; we're all aware of that. Even more so if you're going to move to a new place with your children! Better prepare yourself for all the stresses that will be involved, especially if your kids are very young. Kids are naturally curious about everything, especially bubble wrap! Also, more often than not, they're tempted by all of the interesting things going on around them. They wonder why their toys are being kept in a box.

If you're thinking of childproofing your move, rest assured you can do all this in just a few simple steps. Here are some things to get you started, without stressing yourself a lot.

Be a Kid

Try to answer this question, can you ever remember the last time you crawled around on your hands and knees? If not, this is the time where you should get on your kid's eye level! Try to get on all fours and observe things from their point-of-view.

Go on a crawling spree and crawl around rooms where your moving boxes are. Go to your kitchen and see if the cleaning products are already packed. Seeing things from their POV will help you determine if you should put those hazardous items at a higher place.

Make Sure They're Busy

If you're a parent, you're probably aware that small kids like to be involved in everything their parents do. If they see the adults packing things in boxes and labeling them, they usually want to do the same thing. For this, you should ditch the permanent markets and give them washable ones instead. Don't be too uptight. Let them decorate the boxes where their items are packed.

Let kids be involved in the moving process and keep them busy. This will give you the assurance that they'll be safe all throughout the moving process. Also, getting them involved in the move will help them adjust quickly.

Organize the Cleaning Products

If you're thinking of doing some moving-day cleaning, then it's advisable to keep all of your cleaning products in the same place and out of reach. This applies both in the place and from where you're going to leave.

There's always the huge possibility that your kids will volunteer to unpack the items. Whenever this happens, always give them something that they can unpack safely, such as their toys while you organize the cleaning products.

The Details

Other items, such as twine, box cutters, pens, and tape dispensers can also be hazardous. Even more so to small children who are naturally curious and attracted to anything they see as long as it's new, different and colorful. So, keep a box of these items all together and put them on a counter top or shelf where your kids wouldn't be able to reach it.

The Gates Should Be Up

Baby gates are a great way to save your kids from dangerous situations. It is suggested to use these gates in front of kitchen entrances, stairways, and doors to prevent the little ones from escaping even when the door is opened. Also, ensure that they're working properly and not outdated. Aside from that, you should be able to open and close it easily whenever you need to. Otherwise, you'll be lazy to shut them down when you're in a hurry.

Secure the Cords

Cords should always be neatly packed because they can be hazardous to kids-- they can easily get tangled up in them. When you're decorating your new home, especially the window coverings, it's advisable to stay away from cords. However, if the blinds in your home have them, just cut them to make them shorter; this will prevent hem causing an accident.

Block Off a Room

You should put your kids in a specific area where they can nap or play around. However, ensure that this room has an energy door lock in case something bad happens.

Consider Daycare

If you have a toddler or child who's naturally curious about everything, you should consider bringing him to daycare in your new neighborhood during the day of the move. Not only will you feel at ease that your child is free from any harm during the day, it'll also give you a chance to mingle with your new neighbors!

These are just some childproof long distance moving tips. Hope you enjoy your new place!


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