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Tips on How to Choose Home Location

Updated on June 19, 2013

When you just married, you really want to live separately from your parent. You must search for best home for your new family. There are some reasons why new family wants to live in different home from their parent. They usually want to have new rule and new life so they prefer to live in the new home. They want to learn how to be independence. They can manage all things by themselves and when they have problem with their wife, they don’t need to invite their parent to enter the problems. You can find lots of types of home. You can choose the best home when you have enough budget. Before you buy new home, you must think of some factors first. You must feel comfortable with your new home and your home must be in the strategic location. Home location is so important because when you choose bad location you cannot have better life in your new home. There are some factors related with location of your home. You better consider some things below before you choose your new home.

Home near shopping mall,school and other public areas are considered good locations
Home near shopping mall,school and other public areas are considered good locations
In feng shui you should not choose home with lower road level
In feng shui you should not choose home with lower road level
avoid home location that is potentially got flood disaster
avoid home location that is potentially got flood disaster

Your home must have location near with public area. You need socialize each other and find all your daily needs without wasting your time. Your home must be located near supermarket, hospital, schools and other public area.

- You can use home location as investment. You better choose home not only for now but you must think it for the future. Home location must be in the golden area and when someday you want to sell your home, you will get big profit from your home.

- You must choose a home that is near with highway and have a good access to reach other place too. It is terrible when you need to waste your time to reach the center of the city. It is not effective for you.

- It is good to have good environment. You need a home for you and your family. If you have kids, you really need to choose best home for your kids. As parent, it is a must to care of children development and the development of your kids will be influences by the environment too.

- You should choose home that is potentially got flood disaster or earthquake attack. You need to have safe home in the safest place. We don’t know what will happen in the future but you should avoid building a home near river. It is good to check the demographics.

- People who want to live in the best location must check surrounding buildings near your home. Some building structure will give bad effect for your home. You better avoid triangular structures, sharp edges, and other dangerous structures.

- Road level will influence your home condition. You can develop your home in easy way when you choose home that has higher roads level. It is related with feng shui too. You should not choose to buy home with lower road level.

- A good location for a home is near with water source. You can find natural water near your home. You must make sure that the water is not stagnant.

- You need to check your compass direction to make sure the direction of your home. It is usually related with good fortune and feng shui.

Finding a good home is not easy. You need long time to get best location for you and your family’s home. You can get information about home in developer or you can go to home exhibition. When you always think about all things above, you will get better home for now and your future.


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