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Tips on How to Display Art in Your House

Updated on December 24, 2015

Interested in non-conventional and interesting ideas and tips on how to display art in any room of your house? Take intoconsideration the following methods:

Creating a view

If you haven’t any above-the-sink window, it’s not a problem. You should get a good quality seascape painting to add more scenery to your room and set the right tone for the remaining color palette, including green, blue and gold.

Forgetting a formal grid

If you want to arrange a salon style that feels more collected, you should start at the center of your room and move outwards. It’s even possible to create a real gallery wall in your master bedroom if you only use your creativity. Choose a matching color or theme to keep a display from being too haphazard and stick to white, tan and black tones.

Filling in blanks

Try to use art while playing with the scale. For example, if your Chippendale chairs feel a bit squatty when placed near a massive antique hutch, you should fill in this space with your favorite canvas oil portraits. Keep in mind that muted colors complement your furniture and make it more pleasing to the eyes.

Embracing unexpected things

Remember that everything can be art, so don’t avoid different pieces with patina and textures if you want to add a more organic style to your room. For example, pay attention to cypress driftwood because of aesthetics and large scale.

Foregoing frames

Feel free to incorporate unframed pieces to create a more casual vibe and use some vintage styles or unmounted canvas to achieve the same goal. This tip is very helpful when decorating such high-traffic areas as children’s rooms and hallways.

Going big

When decorating your sitting area, take into consideration Stacking vertically. This idea is perfect for tight areas, including your corner walls, in between windows and others because this vertical arrangement can easily elongate a narrow space. If you prefer a more playful twist, don’t hesitate to make one piece wider than others. Оversize pieces because they can make a real towering statement. Besides, a single big piece is often more affordable compared to piecing together any gallery wall. If you want to save more, you can skip the frame.

Never overthink it

At times, less can be more, especially when dealing with textured backdrops. Simple and plain graphic pieces are ideal for wallpaper patterns, so don’t work with a more textured background.


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