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Tips on How to Find a Great House Painter

Updated on June 9, 2014

A Professional House Painter will Do a Great Job

With the many painters around, finding a great house painter in your area is important if you want a good job done. It pays to know what to look for in a good house painter. You should hire someone who will do a perfect house painting job for your home.

Hiring a professional painter can be a little tricky if you do not know what to look for in a good painter. Below are some tips for you on finding a great house painter.

Ask for Referrals

Anyone can do some paint on walls to freshen up a room. However, you cannot just hire anyone to do this job because you do not want to spoil the aesthetic look of your house. You need to shop around for reliable and professional painters in your area. When shopping around for the right professional painter, always ask for referrals.

You can ask your relatives, friends, or colleagues to refer you to painters whose painting services they have used before and liked them. Good referrals will make your searching for a good painter easier than searching online or in the yellow pages.

Beautifully Painted Houses



Always hire a painter with proper and up to date credentials. Make sure the painter is licensed and certified. A licensed house painter is necessarily an experienced and professional painter who will do a great job for you. The professional or company with necessary credentials such as licensing, will do the job perfectly as they have a wide variety of skills.

They can do interior, exterior, small and big projects. Make sure to ask whether the contractor or company will do the job themselves or will subcontract to other painters with less experience and skills.

Painted Houses


Look for a Painter Online

The Internet is a great place when it comes to finding a great house painter. If you are unable to find a good painter through relatives, friends or colleagues, search online for different reputable house painters offering services in your town or city.

Most contractors or companies have websites and you can look up a few painters to shortlist them later. Compare their services, prices and testimonials before interviewing them to find out more.

Insurance and Bonding

It is important for you to hire a painter who is insured and bonded. All professional painters are usually insured and choosing one of them will protect you from any liabilities in case of unforeseen injuries or accidents.

Final Words

Finding a great house painter will take time and research but it pays to take the time and do the research. You need to ensure that your chosen painter will do a professional job using the right products. A reliable painter will help keep the paint looking fresh on the walls of your house. Hiring the right painter will help take out the stress of painting for your house. The above tips will help you find your ideal house painter to save yourself time and to ensure your home sparkles.


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