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Tips on Organic Pesticides

Updated on September 12, 2010

If you’ve been bothered by pests, and want them out of your sight, then you can try applying a few of these Green Pest Control tips. You can simply make good use of it for household use, or for your lawn as an organic lawn pest control.

Preventive Measures

There are a few organic pesticides that you can consider using instead of resorting to those chemically based ones, that can pose harm to both humans and pets. But before using any of these products, you can always practice some preventive measures. So what you can do is to always maintain a clean surrounding, whether this inside your home or outside your lawn. You should know that pests get attracted to food and water that are usually left exposed, amongst other things.

Pest Classification and Control

It’s better to classify the pests that you are dealing with first, before using any insecticides on them. You can also choose to use products for other kinds of pests that may be bring harm to your lawn or farm (such as voles, moles, deer, or rabbits), like a Liquid Fence Deer Repellent for example. Anyway, there are a variety of organic-based products that are designed specifically for certain types of pests. So know which product to use, as applying the wrong one may not work effectively. Try to go non-toxic first before using any chemicals to kill these unwanted visitors.

D-I-Y Pest Control

You can definitely create your own do it yourself pest control. So try your hand in making a few organic insect control mixtures out of the following:

  • Essential oils from Herbs – Try using Citronella and Tea Tree Oils, that are then mixed with Water. You can use this as a repellant for insects (use a spray bottle for this).
  • Other herbs and oils that can help repel insects – Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Neem Leaf, Lemongrass, Rosemary, and Thyme
  • Organic Pest Control For Ants – to prevent ants from entering your home (or elsewhere), try putting on some cayenne powder, dried mint or borax on the areas where they’re typically seen.
  • Organic pesticide for Flies – you can also use herbs to repel these pests. Try setting up a bowl filled with peels from oranges or lemons, and some cloves. Scents like these drive them away easy.

Avoid Chemical Pest Control

In this day of age, organic insecticide can now be used as another alternative to chemical-based pesticides. Not only is Green Pest Control cost-effective, it’s also environmentally-friendly. It’s much safer to use around humans and pets. offers live and healthy worms for composting like Red Wiggler worms and European Nightcrawlers.They also offer quality organic gardening products from organic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides to other green gardening supplies and equipments. Visit their site and browse their catalog to know more about their products.


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