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Tips on gas fireplace installation and gas fireplace maintenance

Updated on February 22, 2012

Fireplaces are multipurpose devices which offer comfort and warmth to your family and dear ones while creating space to build up a great bonding with them. While fireplaces have been around from decades, modern fireplaces are versatile heating appliances offering comfort, elegance and efficiency while being eco-friendly in nature. Gas fireplaces are the most popular and efficient heating units among contemporary fireplaces, and it is important to take time for your gas fireplace maintenance to endure the efficacy and durability of the unit.

Gas fireplaces work on natural gas or propane and use pilot light system which enables you to turn on the device with the click of the switch, making them luxurious and elegant. Gas fireplace installation, along with gas fireplace maintenance, can be simple and easy. If you are confident enough, you can do it yourself. Else, you can contact a fireplace professional to do this job with ease. Gas fireplace installation comprises of three parts. The first part is to install the gas pipe line to be connected to this fireplace, if not available already. The second part is to install the actual unit and the flue system and the last part requires you to install the electric system required to operate these gas fireplaces.

Before proceeding with gas fireplace installation, read the manuals provided by the manufacturer thoroughly for codes, type of hearth, shut off valves and other specifications. Threaded black pipe is used for gas piping and the size can vary with the room size and unit specifications. The most important part of the gas fireplace installation is the venting process which determines the efficacy and effectiveness of the fireplace. Venting pipes made of copper can do well as they are easy to install and eliminates special fitting hassles. Gas fireplace maintenance also becomes easy with this piping. After fixing the vents, the actual unit can be fixed in its place. Electrical components like the switch, thermostat and the wiring can be connected later. Ensure that electric wiring is done in a proper manner for an effective gas fireplace installation.

One important thing to keep in mind is to obtain permission for gas connection and installation as there might be some restrictions imposed on gas fireplace installation. Installing the device does not put an end to your job. Gas fireplace maintenance is the most important thing if you want to enjoy great warmth and comfort from the unit. Take time for regular gas fireplace maintenance in addition to the annual checks. Maintaining the fireplace in perfect working condition makes the unit efficient, reliable and durable.


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