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Tips On Cleaning Your House Quickly

Updated on August 31, 2012

Family is coming over! Quick,grab a broom!

We've all been there. Your lounging around the house in your pajamas,and watching reruns of your favorite sitcom. You've decided that today is relaxation day. Then,the phone rings.It's your in laws,and they want to come! So much for lounging. Drag your butt off of the couch and start cleaning!

  • Breathe. You can do this! Start with the basics. You don't want your guests to be walking on crumbs and dirt,so grab the broom and dust pan. Go through the living room,entry way,dining room,kitchen,and bathroom,and do a quick sweep. Vacuum any rooms that have carpeting as well. These are usually the main areas where your guests will be.
  • Get a large bag,and a laundry basket,and make your rounds through each of the above mentioned rooms once again. Use the bag for anything that is laying around in the rooms that shouldn't be there. You can go through the bag later,but for right now just throw it all in there! Use the laundry basket for any clothing that may be lurking about. When you're done,put the bag and laundry basket in a room where your guests will not be.
  • Get a wet rag,and look for any surfaces that have visible dust on them. No furniture polish needed. They will never know the difference. After your done with that,light a couple of scented candles. Cinnamon is always a nice scent,and feels welcoming to your guests.
  • Fix any throw pillows and blankets that you might have in your living area. Plump up the pillows and make them look plush and inviting. Make sure there are no crumbs or other dirt on your chairs and couch. If you have pets,grab the pet hair roller,or whatever you would normally use to remove pet hair.


don't forget!

If you have cats,don't forget to scoop out the litter box. Your guests wont appreciate looking at a dirty litter box,and they certainly wont appreciate the smell either.

quick tip

Turn on a couple of lamps in your living area,and leave any bright lights turned off.This will give a warm and inviting feeling when your guests walk in.

  • If there are dirty dishes piled up,get rid of them! Give them a quick wash,or throw them in the dishwasher if you have one. Check for little kid finger prints on the surface of your refrigerator,and use a magic eraser to quickly wipe them away.
  • Don't forget about yourself! You have to look just as presentable as your house. Move to the bathroom,and make sure you take a bag,and a container of disinfectant wipes along with you. Quickly wash your face to give it that "I'm awake,and vibrant" look. Use only the very basics as far as makeup goes. Foundation and eyeshadow make a big difference in your appearance,and only take a second to apply. Throw your hair up in a loose ponytail,or run the brush though it and leave it down. When you're done,put any stray makeup and hair ties in their proper place. Wipe down the bathroom surfaces with the disinfectant wipes,and tie up the garbage. Put the new bag in the garbage can. Grab the toilet brush,and give the toilet a quick scrub. Don't even worry about the shower,just close the shower curtain.Voila! Bathroom done.
  • Grab the can of air freshener. Take a quick run through the house once again,and make sure you didn't miss anything. Spray the air freshener as you go. Sit down with your favorite magazine,kick up your feet,and wait for company to arrive. They will think you were sitting there just waiting for them the entire time!



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    • Dave Cald profile image

      Dave Cald 7 years ago

      Lol Lisa! I thought I was a pro at the "quick cleanup", but you gave me a few new ideas which will speed up the cleaning process. I am lucky enough to have a bathroom and a guestroom on the first floor, which means my guests have little need to go upstairs. When I anticipate that doorbell ringing, I grab anything out of place and run it upstairs! Then I lock the doors up there :)

    • Zizish profile image

      Zizish 7 years ago

      I'd be afraid to put the dirty dishes in the oven, what if I forgot (since I don't use the oven that often?) - the smell would be scary!

    • lisaluv9784 profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thank you! That is actually a really great idea.I'll have to remember that one :)

    • nancy_30 profile image

      nancy_30 7 years ago from Georgia

      Loved your hub. Especially the one about throwing everything in a garbage bag. I don't have a dishwasher, but I have put all my dirty dishes in the oven before when guests where coming over.