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Tips on how to purchase a £20,000 Kitchen much less then the retail amount.

Updated on October 27, 2011

In this write-up I will let you know how you are able to get a high end kitchen and save yourself thousands!

Essentially the most typical way to purchase a top end kitchen may be the same old routine of browsing a showroom, meeting your over enthusiastic kitchen salesperson whilst generating boring converastion over your free of charge coffee. When that's out of the way it is time to choose the kitchen you actually want. From the standard Shaker style kitchen to a modern luxury shiney white kitchen, dozens of designs and finishes to choose from! Fairly stressful and lengthy scenario resulting in you handing over a payment of £20,000 and leaving you wishing everything goes to schedule.

Stage 1: Pay out £2500 to £4000 for the cabinets.

The way? I'd advise choosing a nearby custom furniture maker. They may possibly appear slightly less professional but they absolutely is going to be far more experienced and knowledgeable than a independent kitchen showroom sales person. At all times ask to view their past jobs and an benefit could be that they're handmade and available built to measure. Tell them what you want and get a cost plus a timescale.

Part two: Pay out £700 to £1250 for the Kitchen Doors and the drawer fronts.

The way? Search the web or go to a local trade centre for the kitchen doors together with the drawer fronts. They are going to be the same level of quality as the kitchen doors in the showrooms. There will probably also be a larger selection of option enabling you to get the exact design that you desire.

Part three: Pay £1000 - £2100 on appliances.

How? Again search on line for your appliances, you will find them a great deal cheaper than the cost ticket inside the kitchen showroom. Alternatively check out a local appliance outlet to determine really what you're buying in the ?flesh?.

Action 4: Pay £40 - £100 for the Kitchen Door handles .

The way? Probably one of the most essential buys you will make to accomplish your high end kitchen appearance. Handles can finish the look so that your kitchen is unique. Try browsing on the internet for handle manufacturers and don?t be worried to buy from another country.

Stage 5: Pay out £2000 to £4500 for work surfaces.

How? ? Certainly order your counter top directly from the manufacturer. Granite or Cesar stone will be the ideal worktop surface. Attempt searching online for Granite Merchants or have a look in any local Yellow Pages.

Stage 6: Pay £1,000 to £2,000 on installation.

How? ? Ask about for nearby, suggested time served joiners. If they're totally experienced and dependable you'll see that they'll be already booked for a month or more.

This has been written by Will Hall. He works for Homestyle Cheap Kitchen Doors.

Beautiful kitchen with cheap gloss ivory kitchen doors
Beautiful kitchen with cheap gloss ivory kitchen doors | Source


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    • profile image

      Alan 5 years ago

      Fantastic hub. I'm going to buy a cheaper kitchen now.