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Tips to brighten up the decor: Getting the abode ready for winter night

Updated on September 29, 2016

Although we all love the additional hour on the day but we often must agree it can get quite dreary when the darkness of night hits in the late afternoon. With some easy tips using new colors, light and mirrors the abode will be ready to enjoy for a long winter's night.

Additional lighting will turn a dark room into a happy and lovely room.

"According to a recent survey commissioned by HomeGoods, of people who have a room that negatively affects their mood, nearly half (46%) felt that better lighting could make a positive impact. A great lamp can add style and light to any dark corner."

  • Get rid of Grandma's ugly hand-me-down lamps and replace them with new lamps that have bright and interesting bases for an updated look.

  • No room for a table lamp, then place a floor lamp in a corner or behind a chair for extra lighting.

  • A tight bedroom may leave little room for night tables large enough to hold lamps. Instead place wall hung swing arm lamps on the wall on either side of the bed for wonderful reading lights.

  • Even if the ceiling does not have a fixture it does not mean that you cannot add one easily without an electrician. Hang a simple lantern type chandelier on a hook with a cord that has a switch on it. Swag the cord to the wall's edge and down the wall to the outlet. All you need to do is to turn on the cord switch and the room will be lightened with lovely light.

  • Add lighting sconces to dress the wall as artwork that adds new beauty and a special glow to brighten the decor.

Mirrors add reflective brightness to cheer up the dullness of the room

"Mirrors and mirrored accents reflect light to make any space feel bigger. HomeGoods has pieces to reflect any style, whether it be urban glam or rustic chic."

  • Dress a wall with mirrors to add depth and interest to a room or hallway.

  • A large mirror placed against the wall will instantly give the room a larger, brighter appearance as it replicates the bright lamps shining in its view.

Simply by replacing accessories and adding new accent furnishings will add new liveliness to the abode.

Redress a room with accents in vibrant colors to counteract the dark and dreary outdoors.

Have fun decorating with bold patterns and adding new accessories such as vases in colors to reflect a sunnier day.

  • Bright colored plain and patterned pillows will dress up sofas, chairs and beds. Change out old pillows for new ones that will add sparkle for the darker months.

  • Add lovely colorful throws to a boring sofa to serve double duty as pretty decor and blankets to snuggle up with on a chilly night.

  • Adorn the decor with a new bench or ottoman dressed in a fun new trendy geometric pattern in a vivid color or colors.

  • Make sure the bedding you are using should strike balance in your design pattern. Go for the rich bodied colors like camel tan, warm rust, espresso brown, etc colors. If your walls are dark colored, create contrast with light bedding. Choose flat sheet colors like white, cream, yellow, light brown, etc to provide the desired relaxing atmosphere.

  • Bring the outdoors of the coming Spring season inside with new greenery (simulated or real) planted in bright colored pots.

As the seasons change and the autumn chill fills the air it is the time of year when we turn time back and prepare to hunker down for the shorter days and longer nights. It is also the perfect time to enjoy cozying up in a beautifully decorated abode ready to add warmth and brightness to darker days. Take pleasure in the thrill of finding new items to redress the abode to enjoy spending time indoors during the Eastern Standard Time season. Turn up the lights and never be afraid to dance!


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