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Tips to buy Air Conditioner suitable for you

Updated on May 13, 2012

Air Conditioners have come to the budget of middle class families from the level of luxurious articles. Air conditioners are now cheap enough so that even middle class families can afford one. Also there is wide range of air conditioners available in market suitable for different budget ranges. But selecting the most suiting air conditioner for you is tedious. Here are the factors that you must consider before purchasing one air conditioner

Correctly size your air conditioner

It is important to find the correct size air conditioner for your requirements. If your AC is small in capacity, it will not cool the room properly. But if it is very larger than required , it will make the room cold and damp. This is because the AC cannot remove the moisture fully. So always try to find the correct requirement and for this you can try REEMA HEATLOAD. This is a mechanism used to find cooling requirements of an AC. This will help you to interpret your requirements as the AC specification.

Be careful about the noise of AC

Surely AC will produce some noise. The intensity and nature of sound will depend on the type of AC. In high end ACs with cross flow vane the noise will be less. Also split AC will produce less noise compared to window AC.

Location of windows

Old model air conditioners are good in blowing air in only one direction. But newer ACs can blow air sideways also. It is important to note the location of windows if you are using an AC that can blow air only in one direction. AC should have an adjustable vent using which you can direct air flow in the direction you want. Also it is good to select AC with exhaust vent setting which helps you to select fresh air from outside when wanted. It is good to select AC with motors having two fan speeds, as it allows you to switch between to different cooling rates when required. High end air conditioners have louvers which allow you to direct air flow vertically and horizontally. But these air conditioners are also good in directing air flow to both sides.

Type of air conditioner

Air conditioners can be classified based on a lot of factors. Based on the cooling capacity they are classified into small, mid sized and large. Large air conditioners can cool an area of up to 650 square feet. The capacity of air conditioners is specified in BTU per Hour. (BTU stands for British Thermal Unit). Also depending on your price range you can go for a window AC or a split AC. Window AC is cheaper, but they are less good in cooling capacity and they need to be fitted by making large holes in walls where as split ac requires only a small hole in the wall for cooling pipe.

Energy efficiency

It is very important as using an old AC without any energy efficiency setting will give you a shock as electricity bill . So check the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of your AC. An increase of 0.1 in your EER will provide you a decrease of 1 percentage in electricity bill. EER is the capacity of AC specified as the ratio of cooling effect to electricity consumed under standard conditions. Also try to select AC with a timer function to turn off automatically, so that you can save electricity.

Advanced functions

New technologies are coming to market every day. There are AC units with electrostatic filters. They remove even the smallest dust particles from air, which is suitable for people who are hyper sensitive to dust. Also there is a new model in market allowing you to turn on AC unit by sending SMS to a SIM fixed in the AC unit. It is useful so that you can turn on the AC unit from anywhere. When coming to home, you can turn on the AC unit before 5 minutes of reaching home so that house will be cool by the time you reach your house.


Another one important thing that you have to take care while buying an AC unit is the accessibility of filter. As the filter is required to be removed for good operation, ensure that filter can be easily replaced


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