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Tips to effective Container Gardening

Updated on January 9, 2011

If you’re thinking of ways on how to grow your plants in the most favorable way, then you should definitely try container gardening.  Although container gardening has its conditions, applying all of these will help you reap the best garden produce later on. 

Don’t feel restricted with the space that you have

Now if you happen to be limited in space or is left with no more room in your garden, then you can always resort to organic container gardening. Containers come in different shapes, sizes and capacities. Other than that, these can also be placed on your balcony, porch, garden path, patio, or on the rooftop (for those who live in backyard-less units). You can also maximize your indoor space by decorating your kitchen window sill or living room table with potted plants.

Location is also essential

One of the many important container gardening ideas is the allocation of space. The allocated space for where you’ll be keeping your container garden is also important. So whether you’re into planting herbs, vegetables or just flowers, then you should also take note of the area for which to place these in. 

What types of containers to use and how is drainage associated to this?

For your container gardens, always buy those that will allow about eight inches of soil to be placed inside of it. The best containers are those that allow the plants rooted in them to thrive well, since the roots of these plants will not be bound inside of it (there will always be enough room for it to expand). Other than that, purchase containers that has holes on it. These will become a good drainage system, for when excessive amounts of water are hosed down on your plants. But your plants will also need some frequent watering since your containers won’t be able to hold in as much water for longer periods of time. Besides that, you can also put in some rocks or pebbles, as these will help with the drainage too. 

How to choose what to plant

If you’re into growing flowers, herbs or just really into container vegetable gardening, then you should know which specific ones to plant. Other than considering the sizes of the plants and containers itself, also take into account the sunlight requirements (some prefer more sunlight, as other plants prefer more shade). Not all plant types have the same needs. There are different kinds of plants that prefer to be left under the sun for 6 or more hours, while others prefer to be planted where getting more shade is tolerated.

Container gardening can also benefit from vermicomposting compost. It’s also a good suggestion to use a liquid fertilizer when you’re watering your plants, like worm tea for example (tea that has been previously brewed castings from worms). You can buy worms to help you generate castings that can be concocted into a liquid-based organic fertilizer.


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