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Tips to store oriental area rugs

Updated on September 25, 2013

Need for storing oriental area rugs

The owners of oriental area rugs may come across the need to store the rugs for long or short time period. However; there are several dangers associated with the storage and you must be familiar with the best techniques in order to extend the life of homemade rugs.

Temperature and wrapping

Select a place that is climatically stable for carpet storage. The place must have a moderate temperature with normal humidity level to prevent insect infestation.Clean the rug appropriately before storage. The moths love to chew the wool and it is important to get the rug sprayed to make it unappetizing for moths. Roll the rugs from the bottom to the top using twine. If you keep the rugs in folded condition, they will get permanent crease lines.

Always wrap the oriental area rugs in a tough synthetic paper, preferably tyvek paper. The tyvek paper is water-resistant and acid free. It is highly recommended for wrapping wool rugs. Make sure that you elevate discount area rugs before storage to protect them from unavoidable conditions like flooding.

Storing methods

Placement and insurance

Always tie the rug with a rope or any clothing strip. Make sure it is not too tight.
Do store the rug horizontally to maintain its shape.Always check the stored rugs every 3-6 months in order to inspect their health. Get the rugs sprayed for extra protection against moth attack.
Consider insuring the oriental area rugs from the storage facility to avoid any future problems. Always prefer certified and insured storage facilities for storage purposes.


Don't keep any thing heavy on top of your oriental area rug. This will make the foundations of the rug very weak.Store the rugs in basements, garages where there are high levels of humidity and more chances of theft as well as moth/beetle damage.
Do not wrap the carpets in complete plastic paper covering. This can cause mildew problem as wool rugs need to breathe and they sweat heavily in plastic wraps.


Donot use brown paper or newspaper for wrapping as these papers are not considered chemically fit for this purpose.Don't store the carpets directly on the concrete floor as they will draw the moisture from the floor leading to various problems.Never store the rugs in places where there are high chances of flooding.
Storage units are not preferrable. Your home is the best place for rug storage and must be preferred over all other areas.

Purchase quality oriental area rugs

Admin Rugs offer best oriental area rugs online with professional tags to care and maintain the rugs in an proper manner. The company understands that customers are highly conscious about rug care and that is why keeps them informed about best maintenance methods.

Oriental area rug maintenance


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