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'Tis The Season - For Electrical Fires

Updated on December 18, 2009

The holiday season is a time for families to get together and eat, drink, and be merry.  It is a time where are differences do not matter and we all feel a little closer.  It is also the season for electrical fires.  Every year around the holidays, there is an increase in house fires due to poor electrical practices.  Let's go over a few electrical safety tips to prevent these terrible accidents;

1) Don't plug 5 extension cords into one outlet  This seems like common sense, but every year between going to friends and families homes, I always see a few of these.  The reason this is dangerous is because of the draw on the outlet that is not made for this kind of electrical load.  This makes the cords and the multi-plug hot and could cause a flame up.  If you have only one outlet handy, use a 120 volt 4 or 5 plug terminal strip.  These units have their own breaker and allow for a cleaner electrical path.

2) Make sure your outdoor Christmas light extension cord ends are not laying in snow or any standing water. There is an apparatus that fits around the extension cord ends and water proofs them from the elements.  This would be a wise purchase.

3) Make sure that all drapes and curtains are the proper clearances from baseboard heaters.  See the above picture for clearances.

These are only a few simple tips, but if you follow them, your chances of having a safe holiday season are much better.  In any case please have a safe and happy holiday season and always remember that the best gifts that you get are the ones that you already have.  Happy Holidays!



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