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Titanium vs. Steel - Framing Hammers Compared

Updated on December 1, 2010

Is titanium better than steel?

Titanium framing hammers weight about half the weight of traditional steel framing hammers. This is definitely a benefit when you have to swing the hammer all day long. The lighter the weight, the less fatigue you will experience from hammer use. This is especially helpful for people that do a great deal of hammering above their head.

Even though titanium hammers are lighter than steel ones, they still apply the same amount of force to the nail. This is due to the natural qualities of the titanium versus the steel. Titanium is more solid than steel resulting in a more solid strike of the nail head.

Because of the lightness of titanium, the hammer will be able to gain speed faster. This results in higher speed on impact of the nail, thus driving the nail farther into the stud.

Titanium considerably reduces the back-shock vibration of the hammer. This is another thing that reduces arm fatigue when using the hammer for longer periods of time. Titanium framing hammers greatly reduce the chances of getting rubber arm. That’s when you arm is so exhausted that it starts to feel rubbery and slightly numb.

The energy transfer rate of a titanium hammer is way higher than that of a steel hammer. It’s 97% to be exact, compared to 70% for steel. This simply means that your strength and energy will be more efficiently used with a titanium framing hammer.

I’m NOT saying that steel hammers are bad. I’m simply saying that titanium hammers are better for framing. I have used some great steel framing hammers in my life, but when I tried a titanium hammer, I never went back.

So, what are the best titanium framing hammers? On my blog I suggest the top 3. These three hammers are used and highly recommended by construction contractors. Here is the link: The Best Titanium Framing Hammers

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