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Toile Coverlet

Updated on October 1, 2010

A Toile Coverlet Perfect Summer Bedding

A toile coverlet is a blanket made from light cotton wooven fabric made to go over your bed sheets much like a comforter is used. Toile was first seen in the 17th century and was used as a cheap way for fashion designers to test their fabric prints before transferring them to more expensive fabric. Today toile is considered to be light weight wooven cotton fabrc that contains a pattern. The most common color of toile is white and ivory, with a darker pattern on the fabric.

A toile coverlet is similiar to a toile comforter but is not as big and bulky as a comforter. The coverlet is thinner without the stuffing much like a blanket, but is more decorative than a simple blanket. It is perfect bedding for any gender or age, is even good for dressing up a spare bedroom.

toile coverlet
toile coverlet

Toile Patterns For Bedding

The pattern imprinted on a toile coverlet can be geometric, or otherwise. Using the pattern in the print to blend with other decor in the bedroom is best. Patterns of almost any kind can be found on toile fabric making it wonderful to decorate a bed with.

The toile coverlet can also be used no matter the theme of the bedroom or home. Toile is most know for its Victorian era of decor but can be used in modern bedrooms or even western themed bedrooms. You will just want to make sure the print on the toile matches with the room thme. For instance you would not want a striped toile coverlet if the rest of the room was decorated with leopard animal print.

Toile coverlets can be found in bedroom specialty stores and on-line. If shopping in store do not be afraid to feel the fabric, you will want to be sure that it is comfortable as it will be used as bedding. When shopping online when like at you do not have this option but you will be able to find a greater variety of items than possible at a local store.


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